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Power BI for Professional Services

Focus on your people with deeper data insights

Power BI for Professional Services Dashboard

Whether your firm specialises in consulting, legal services, real estate services or healthcare. Your business moves around people. You need to monitor performance with the right KPIs to maximise results and increase efficiency. You need to share that data with your people to act quickly and improve results.

Power BI allows you to monitor the right KPIs, personalise them, visualise for better understanding and share them, all on the same platform. Calculate live metrics such as annual revenue per employee, project margin, billings, utilisation and customer satisfaction to gain insights and take action on challenges. Drill down to the individual level and let everyone in your organisation be empowered by data while keeping it secure and governed.

Move between different locations, roles, projects and teams with ease to drive actionable insights at any level. Monitor customer satisfaction to ensure you are delivering great value while keeping operations efficient.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or for further information on your Power BI options.