Support Services

Choosing to work with QGate means choosing a partner with whom you can develop a long-standing and valuable relationship. This continues with our high-quality support services.

Exceptional Technical Support

QGate has a strong reputation for technical and after-sales services and our dedicated support team is certified in a wide range of the latest technologies.

We offer a dedicated UK Technical Support desk manned by Microsoft-certified support agents from 9 am till 5:30 pm (UK time) every weekday.


Customer Satisfaction

At QGate we measure the success of our Technical Support Services not on the number of tickets closed, or speed of closure, but on reported customer satisfaction. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


At QGate, we pride ourselves on our high customer retention and strive to ensure continued high standards of support. The way this is measured is through our customers’ feedback.

Response and Escalation

The QGate Support Services team have processes in place which outline target responses based on the severity of the issue. As a minimum, we aim for an initial response within 4 hours. Contact us for full details.

For more complex issues, where deeper investigation is required, your issue will be escalated  to a  MS Dynamics 365 Product Specialist.

Whether easily resolved or a more challenging issue, our team will keep you updated on its progress and ask for feedback once it is resolved. 

QGate Support

Choose from On Demand Support, or a Monthly Support package:

On Demand Monthly Package
Customer Commitment
2 Hours
2 Hours Per Month
Cost per hour
Email Ticket Logging
Telephone Support
Portal Access

Value-Add Services

We also offer value-add services to help our customers to maintain optimum performance and minimise ongoing storage and license costs. These services can be requested at any point regardless of whether you use On-Demand Support or a Monthly Support Package. 

Dynamics 365 CRM Storage
Consumption Review

Dynamics 365 customers are subject to storage usage charges set by Microsoft. 

To help ensure your costs are kept to a minimum, we offer a Storage Review Service where we will assess your storage usage, make recommendations on immediate reductions and on-going management to make sure your reductions are maintained. 

Annual Licence

Microsoft frequently review and updating license costs as well as introducing new or discounting current. 

QGate offer a service to review your licence position and make recommendations on potential savings through technical adaption or business process changes.

Microsoft Wave Review and
Impact Assessment

Twice yearly, Microsoft updates the Dynamics 365 platform. These updates include new features, functionality, integrations and features but can also include deprecation of code, functions and features. It’s essential that your system is kept update and reviewed against the potential impact of these changes to prevent user issues, or worse. 

We thoroughly review and understand the pending changes well in advance of them happening which allows us to offer a service to review the impact of these changes on your system to proactively manage the update.

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