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CRM & Telephony Integration (CTI) with QGate intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CTI & Telephony Integration with intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRMComputer Telephony Integration (CTI) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

intelli-CTi is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRMQGate intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates your CRM and telephony systems providing integration for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. QGate intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to optimise your investment in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM and Telephone infrastructure providing a seamless telephony integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivered in a cost effective and user friendly manner.

intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhances profitability through increased productivity and customer satisfaction

CRM & Telephony Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Environment
QGate intelli-CTi Family Benefits:

QGate have undertaken the extensive verification and testing process outlined by Microsoft to ensure our telephony integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (intelli-CTi) is officially approved and supported by Microsoft.

Successful completion of this process has awarded QGate’s solution to be the only official “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CfMD) telephony solution and assures our customers of our highest level of commitment to working with Microsoft as your solutions provider.

QGate provide Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD) Support in V1.5 of intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and further information on our Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD) Support can be found in the Product Tour and in the USD Support Datasheet.

Further information can be found on the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with QGate intelli-CTi Family page.

QGate intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features

Telephone Integration with intelli-CTi Family

Further information on the intelli-CTI for Microsoft Dynamics CRM features and functionality can be found in the Product Tour.

intelli-CTi CRM Relationship Management

By the very nature of CRM, the importance of relationship management is at the heart of your customer interactions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides many key aspects and features in support of customer interaction, with the key being to harness these aspects through relationships to leverage the true power and success of good Customer Relationship Management.

During the lifecycle of a telephone call and our use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can touch upon many aspects of CRM during telephone interaction with our customers. A telephone call can often relate to many entities within your CRM solution, such as CRM Accounts, Contacts and/or Leads; together with possible relationships to CRM Activities, History, Opportunities and/or Cases.
intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides extensive support to manage these important complex CRM relationships across the multitude of CRM entities that may relate to a telephone call. Ensuring that each call related CRM entity, and their relationships to each other are duly linked and recorded within the CRM system. Thus providing a complete 360º historic account within CRM of all telephony activity with all related CRM entities.  

QGate is a Silver Certified CRM & Cloud CRM UK PartnerExperience intelli-CTi For Yourself

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