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Value Proposition

Rapid Dynamics is a subscription-based, pre-configured Sales CRM built using Microsoft Dynamics 365, that can be implemented into your business in just a few days, allowing business operations to continue with minimal disruptions and no upfront setup costs.

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Key Features & Benefits

The key features and benefits of Rapid Dynamics includes:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 software application interface.

Rapid Dynamics FAQs

What is Rapid Dynamics?

Rapid Dynamics is a subscription-based, pre-configured Sales CRM built using Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can be implemented for your business in just a few days and with no upfront setup costs. 




What are the key features of Rapid Dynamics Sales CRM?

Rapid Dynamics is built using Microsoft’s tried and trusted technology so includes everything you need to get started with a simple Sales CRM;

  • Generate and add new leads, contacts and customer accounts
  • Track sales progress through a simple 6-stage deal-flow from Enquiry to Closed Won
  • Update and monitor activities aligned to contact calls, meetings and marketing campaigns.
How does Rapid Dynamics differ from the standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

There is no standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Most businesses interested in a scalable CRM solution that integrates with other functions within their business such as Finance, Marketing, Customer Service and will usually consult with a Microsoft Partner such as QGate to map and build a Dynamics 365 CRM specifically for their business.

With Rapid Dynamics we’ve taken the step to offer you a simple to use and easy to get started version which is both future proof and customisable for when you want to add new features and integrations.

Is technical expertise required for installation and setup?

No. If you have an IT Partner we can liaise with them to get Rapid Dynamics setup for your business. If not, don’t’ worry we’ll ensure we take on the technical legwork.

Can you integrate Rapid Dynamics with other software or third-party applications?

Yes. One of the benefits of Rapid Dynamics is that it integrates with Outlook, the Office 365 suite of applications and Microsoft Teams. 

Rapid Dynamics Sales CRM can also be extended to incorporate Marketing for emails, newsletters and marketing automation, Customer Service ticketing, your existing Finance System as well as a whole host of Microsoft and 3rd party software. 

All of the above are dependent on your business having the right Microsoft licenses to use the additional applications.

Is training available for users unfamiliar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Yes. Rapid Dynamics comes with standard, easy to follow guides on how to use the CRM. Additional training is available to help your super-users. 

What kind of customer support is provided?

We take a proactive Customer Success based approach to Service to ensure you’re well positioned to achieve your business goals. We tailor Support offerings to ensure your users can make best use of the technology at hand, improvements on the horizon and small changes and tweaks are catered for. Contact us for more information on Support Plus.

Is there a demo available?

Yes. Use the Contact Us form and a member of our team will out to you and schedule your demo of Rapid Dynamics

What security measures are in place to protect data?

Rapid Dynamics utilises Microsoft’s cloud service provision which is responsible for all security aspects including physical datacentre security, the operating system, network controls, and providing a secure application framework. 

How often are updates released and do I automatically get access to these?

Microsoft issues two wave releases a year. A wave is essentially a planned schedule of automatic release of new capabilities, performance improvements and other updates to Dynamics 365 applications over a six-month period.

Your QGate Customer Success Manager will inform you up the upcoming updates and how they may impact your business and discuss implementing those updates.

Can I customise Rapid Dynamics to suit my business needs?

Yes. We expect clients for whom Rapid Dynamics is their first CRM to have a period of bedding in with the new system and familiarising themselves with  the features. We’ll actively reach out to you to get a better understanding of your business, your goals and you’re your processes to suggest improvements that can improve the flow and efficiency of data within your business.

What is the pricing structure for Rapid Dynamics?

Pricing starts at as little as £295 per month . To get a full breakdown of the costs please reach out to us using the Contact Us form or email info@qgate.co.uk

Can I use PowerBI with Rapid Dynamics?

Yes. For as little as £99 per month we can provide you with an out of the box set of reports to keep track of the KPIs in your business. 

What industries or business sizes is your CRM best suited for?

Rapid Dynamics is industry-agnostic. There are however specific use cases where there may be better alternatives to the Sales CRM option. To discuss what you need from a CRM please reach out to us using the Contact Us form.


There are no limits on the maximum number of users that Rapid Dynamics can accommodate. It’s ideally suited to SMBs and organisations for whom it may be the first CRM or you’re outgrowing your existing off-the-shelf CRM and you want something futureproof without necessarily entering into a capital expenditure project.

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