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Automation, communication and intelligence tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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In uncertain times, improving productivity and utilising insights from your data can help your business to achieve sales growth. Effective sales engagement is needed to avoid issues such as lost opportunities, poor collaboration and slow sales cycles. Quick identification of trends allows you to make data-led decisions to seize opportunities and maximise results.

The Qi Toolkit for Sales provides you with automation, communication and intelligence tools to drive growth, without needing to invest in expensive bespoke development.

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The Qi Toolkit for Sales is available at a low monthly charge of just £99 per month *

The Qi Toolkit gives you a range of tools that would normally cost you £11,000 – take a look below.

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* Minimum term of 12 months. Advance payment required.
** Based on typical bespoke build cost.

Site Visit App

An easy-to-use mobile App to help field-based sales teams manage their time and quickly submit visit reports and notes:

  • View Appointments for the day
  • Click through to view appointment details
  • Create a new Site Visit report – add details as Notes and upload supporting images
  • View a map of the day’s visit destinations to aid in scheduling
  • Click out to Apple or Google Maps for directions and journey planning
Mobile App
Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

A pre-built, drop in and go dashboard that provides quick and easy access to valuable sales insights:

  • Realtime trends on Leads, Opportunities and Orders
  • Future revenue pipeline
  • Key opportunities to keep an eye on
  • 12 month rollng peformance statistics to identify trends
  • Insight into why you’ve lost business

Automated Activity Monitoring

Automated Monitoring that can be applied to Opportunities, Quotes and Accounts to provide sales teams with activity tracking at a glance:

Automated Monitoring
  • Visual RAG (red / amber / green) status displayed in ‘My Views’ to identify those needing attention.
  • Use changeable rules to flag quotes and opportunity RAG status based on open time, which in turn roles up to show the overall status of an account with similar RAG rating.
  • Fully automated monitoring of opportunities and quotes to indicate RAG status against each entity based on criteria provided (can be altered as required upon request) .

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