Support Plus

Choosing to work with QGate means choosing a partner with whom you can develop a long-standing and valuable relationship. This continues with our high-quality Support Plus service

Exceptional Technical Support

QGate has a strong reputation for technical and after-sales services and our dedicated support team is certified in a wide range of the latest technologies.

We offer a dedicated UK Technical Support desk manned by Microsoft-certified support agents to keep you up and running.


*Direct escalation by QGate is only possible if licences are provided through QGate, otherwise escalation to Microsoft would be required to be raised by your licence supplier.

Customer Satisfaction

At QGate, we measure the success of our Technical Support Services not on the number of tickets closed, or speed of closure, but on reported customer satisfaction. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our high customer retention and strive to ensure continued high standards of support. The way this is measured is through our customers’ feedback.

Response and Escalation

The QGate Support Services team have processes in place which outline target responses based on the severity of the issue. As a minimum, we aim for an initial response within 4 hours. Contact us for full details.

For more complex issues, where deeper investigation is required, your issue will be escalated  to a  MS Dynamics 365 Product Specialist.

Unlimited Break/Fix

For peace of mind, designed to keep your system running and your user happy. If the core Dynamics 365 platform breaks, we will fix it.

Additionally, Break/Fix includes the following: 

Wave Update Recommendations and Requirements

Microsoft updates the Dynamics 365 platform to introduce new features, updates and fixes every six months. These are called Wave updates.

Our Support Plus service includes a twice-yearly review of your system against Microsoft proposed Wave changes, with recommendations of actions which need to be taken. 

A Yearly Solution Review for Peace of Mind

Our team will run a Solution Checker review annually, which detects issues in client-side JavaScript and server-side plugins, also including checks for common performance issues.

A Yearly Storage and License Review

With new information being constantly added to the CRM, and users leaving and joining your organisation, Microsoft Storage and License costs can quickly add up.

Included in Support Plus is an annual review that comes with recommended actions to take to reduce cost.

An annual Power App UCI Usage Review

The QGate team will analyse your UCI Applications and offer or advise on ways to keep them as efficient as possible while maintaining Microsoft licencing standards

Want to Find out more?

Download our support brochure

Here you can find all the necessary information about our Support Services in one place as a downloadable document.

Crown Agents
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The technician was very professional and, more importantly, very friendly and accommodating to the way we work, which isn't always straightforward. It is always a delight to work with him and all QGate staff.
Mayflower Plc
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A prompt and efficient response to my query. The support agent was very helpful, with easy guidance to resolve my issue. Great service, thank you.
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The level of support is excellent. The QGate support team are very patient with us and always solve our queries on the first call.

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