Business Intelligence: Data speaks, but do we understand?

The data that organisations gather over time can provide fundamental detail about the success of the business processes put into place.

Successful Organisations


Discover your Business Intelligence solutions are not about making the decisions for management; it’s about supporting them with enough evidence for accurate decisions to be made.

This detail can include anything from industry movements, target market buying patterns, financial discrepancies and important gaps in business processes.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the term used to analyse this data. Gartner, the World’s leading IT research and advisory company, describes Business Intelligence as, “enabling access to, and analysis of, information to improve and optimise decisions and performance” within a business.

Should every size organisation listen?

After all, in our current financial climate we would all like to work for an intelligent business, ensuring our security within our company, wouldn’t we? Daniel Yuen, research director for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management at Gartner explains,

“every business is looking to make better use of the data they have… A broadened information base always generates more insight… and leads to better operational decision-making.”

The important part of the decision-making process is not the final “yes” or “no,” it’s the reasoning behind what makes the answer so definitive.

The deeper and greater the background knowledge is, the more informed these decisions can be.

QlikView  a user-driven business discovery platform with the tagline “Business Intelligence for everyone,” has the following mission statement:

“Simplifying decisions for everyone, everywhere… harnessing the real potential of data.”

Data provides answers to the positives and negatives of business.

Yet, unless you really understand that data – analysing the results to the maximum would be difficult.

Accurate, Real-Time Reporting – Stay ahead

Norad Travel Group have implemented and have been running QlikView’s Business Discovery Platform within its Travel Management Services for the past year. Managing Director Mick Gibbs describes,

“It brings our critical business information together in minutes, allowing the down time of data harvesting to be put to better use… already we have saved over 5 man days per month.”

All technology is rapidly changing and businesses that can implement changes rapidly, or track the market changes, will stay ahead, not only through the aid of intelligent decision-making but economically too.

Up-to-the-minute results can now be delivered with the use of Business Intelligence software and the time spent can be optimised in other necessary areas.

Vendors of big business applications such as CRM and ERP are now understanding this need for Find out why QGate is the right CRM Partner for you in this article.organisations to delve deeper, quickly. Companies such as Microsoft have started developing their own Business Intelligence tools within their Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions.

They are aware of how important gaining this information is for successful businesses and have developed it to ensure that their customers are on top of, and not one step behind, their competitors.

Data speaks. If you don’t listen, you won’t understand the business and information available.

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