How QlikView’s Acquisition of NPrinting Extends Data Discovery

On February 13, 2015, Qlik announced its acquisition of Vizubi and its NPrinting product line.  While Qlik is a market leader in the data discovery market, NPrinting is a market-leading report generation, distribution and scheduling application for QlikView. Say goodbye to redundant business intelligence reporting solutions.  With this acquisition, QlikView can act as a single platform for both analytics and reporting in order to enhance the insights you receive from data discovery.

Brief Overview of NPrinting

QlikView NPrinting Overview

NPrinting is an advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling application for QlikView which allows customers to:

  • Create attractive reports quickly in a variety of formats including Office and pixel perfect (.PDF) using data and analytics from QlikView
  • Provide reports to the right people by managing centralised scheduling and distribution or on-demand access
  • Drive reporting efficiencies by eliminating the need for legacy BI and reporting systems with a single trusted vendor

Using QlikView and NPrinting, you can take data and images from as many Qlik View Documents (QVWs), drag and drop them into report files, render those into formats, filter on a user-specific basis and distribute to groups or single users on a scheduled basis or on demand.

These actions build on simple data discovery, allowing you to derive business insights and distribute those insights around the business.

How NPrinting Enhances QlikView

According to Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO, Qlik aims to create software that fits with people’s natural analytic abilities – specifically storytelling.  Their main product strategy is to build storytelling into their products and NPrinting is another step in that process.

In the diagram below, you can see Qlik’s approach to data discovery.  Qlik began with the smallest circle, QlikView, a guided analytics platform for specialised users to make discoveries about their business.  In 2014, they moved to self-service visualisation with Qlik Sense, making the visualisation of data available to more people in the business who may not be as specialised.   Their latest move helps to form the outermost ring of collaborative analytics, involving more users through high-quality reports that provide insight into the business throughout the business.

Extending the Vision of Data Discovery QlikView and NPrinting

This journey from discovery to insights through Qlik products creates what Qlik refers to as a Virtuous Feedback Loop – as you share more insights from your business data, people want to find their own insights with that data to share with others.

According to Deighton, “Vizubi and its NPrinting products fit squarely in our acquisition strategy as tuck-in a technology that enhances the value of Qlik solutions to our customers.  We believe in the power of interactive reporting and know that to get people engaged with Qlik, they need exposure to the power of discovery.  An NPrinting report may just be some users’ first encounter with the power of visual analytics at the point of decision making.”

What do current customers have to say?

Analog Devices Logo

According to Ken Hartman, Director of R&D Productivity at Analog Devices, “As a customer of QlikView and NPrinting, I have gained the best of both worlds with an unmatched level of interactive analytics and control in the creation and the sharing of business users reports.  NPrinting adds real value to the QlikView solution by exposing its outputs for discovery to a broader audience, boosting adoption and collaboration and promoting operational effectiveness.”

While Analog Devices enjoys the increased scope of their data discovery with the reporting and distribution capabilities of NPrinting, global services company Aramark used NPrinting in conjunction with QlikView to generate significant cost savings.

Aramark Logo NPrinting

A company with 250,000 employees, Aramark’s work with QlikView revealed significant issues
with overtime.  Managers were unaware when personnel were close to or into overtime.  To combat this problem, Aramark used NPrinting for sending information to managers in order to get a handle on employee overtime.


QlikView customers who rely on additional business intelligence tools for reporting functions can breathe a sigh of relief with this acquisition of NPrinting.  With NPrinting safely under the Qlik banner, you know that it is a feature you can trust to provide your business with accurate data discovery and reporting insights.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this acquisition.

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