Business Intelligence Case Study: Norad Travel

Read about our Business Intelligence Case Study on Norad Travel in this article.

Introducing Norad Travel

Norad Travel provides travel management support to their corporate and leisure customers for all of their travel requirements.

Norad’s people, technology and extensive industry experience have helped them to provide a world-class service that has positioned them as one of the fastest growing travel management organisations in the UK.

The Challenge

Norad’s ability to have access to real-time information is key in providing proactive travel management that delivers correctly the first time, every time. However, their previous management information system didn’t allow them to realise the full potential of their data, with many of their core activities being very time-consuming. Some of their problems included:

  • Pulling together data from 5 back office systems all with different data formats.
  • Converting multiple base currencies into Sterling with user dependent rates.
  • Limited access to management information to determine the performance of the business.
  • Inability to manipulate data making it difficult to analyse patterns and trends.
  • Lack of real time transaction information and progress against sales targets.

The Solution

Norad Travel implemented QlikView back in 2012, helping them to launch a new Client Management Information System called INFOBOX. This has enabled the company to:

  • Access real-time transactions taking place to track individual and group sales targets and more importantly react to any anomalies.
  • Link to external databases to extract and process all relevant data in order to  provide consolidated data and business valuable information.
  • Leverage QlikView to automate the external Management Information that was originally done manually.
  • Analyse patterns and trends based on statistical data of previous trips over time, allowing the business to better understand their customers and offer them more targeted travel offers.

While these were important gains in efficiency and information accuracy and relevance, Norad realises that this is just the beginning of their data discovery Journey.

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Choosing a Partner

To overcome these difficulties, Norad Travel wanted to find a vendor with the experience and knowledge to transform their Management Information System and overcome the challenges they faced.

Tara Foy, Financial Controller at Norad, had previously experienced good results working Qlik and QGate and so these were an obvious choice in helping to turn things around.


The Benefits:

Norad Travel has found a better and faster way of obtaining business-critical information, using data that already existed but was not easy to access. By implementing QlikView, Norad Travel has leveraged their previous IT investments and obtained:

  • Real Time Information Across the Business – QlikView provides data in the level of detail and in the format required by the business. Norad are now able to view all their data in Sterling with the conversion rates being handled within the script of QlikView.
  • Greater Control and Governance of Data – QlikView has enabled Norad to perform their own data audit to ensure all data is clean and meaningful.
  • Ability to Provide Value Added Service to Clients – Since it’s implementation QlikView has evolved and Norad now use it as a management reporting tool for their clients.
  • Ability to Differentiate with Targeted Offers –  Norad now have the analytical capabilities to be proactive with their customers by providing them with more tailored offers based on statistical data of previous trips over time.
  • Savings – Qlik has allowed for savings in excess of £8,000 in Staff Hours.

 Norad Benefit


Want to know more?

Please take 5 minutes to watch the QlikView 12 presentation highlighting the improvements and new capabilities. Also, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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