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A strong platform foundation – QlikView 12

The launch of QlikView 12 brings the advantage of having the complete Qlik product portfolio on the same engine. This enables Qlik to deliver greater compatibility between their products, and ensure that future investments made in the Qlik Data Indexing (QIX) engine will benefit both QlikView and Qlik Sense customers.

QlikView 12 New Capabilities

Highlights QlikView 12

How will this benefit you?

QIX Engine banner

Benefits of QIX Engine:

  • More seamless data model (.QVD file) compatibility with Qlik Sense.
  • Performance improvements for analysis.
  • Seamless upgrade from 11.x to 12.

Security banner

Benefits of Security Enhancements:

  • Over 100 investments and improvements in security across the entire product, aimed at future proofing.
  • Stronger encryption and improved encryption handling.
  • More robust, centralized client request handling and XML parsing.
  • Better ability to keep pace with evolving security best practices and cryptographic standards.

touch interactions

Benefits of Mobile Touch Enhancements:

    •  All functions in the QlikView® web client are accessible on touch devices, including:
      – Exploration, collaboration, and (limited) creation
      – Move, copy, resize objects
      – Change object properties
      – Hold tap for new context menus
      – “More” menu in the toolbar with new options
      – Improved swipe to scroll and sorting
      – Select in charts and tables
      – Send to Excel
    • Seamless switching between mouse, pen and touch on hybrid devices.

 improved clustering

Benefits of Improved Clustering:

  •  More efficient access to and communication with shared files and other meta-files.
  • Smarter reading and writing via. a new, highly efficient caching mechanism.
  • Improved peak performance for higher numbers of concurrent users in multi-node environments. (Up to 2.5x more new users per hour on a 3 node

Restful API

Benefits of RESTful API Connector:

  • Enables QlikView® to natively connect to web services that offer a RESTful API.
  • Supports the open standard for web-based data sources such as:
    – Social: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
    – CMS: Alfresco, Documentum, Adobe
    – Any service which offers a RESTful API
  • No longer requires a third party vendor or extensions to support this type of connectivity.

Qlik DataMarket

Benefits of Qlik DataMarket:

  •  A new, unique, cloud based data service (DaaS) from Qlik.
  • Access to a large number of public and syndicated data sets from trusted providers.
  • Numerous topic areas such as business demographics, currencies, population, economic indicators, weather and more.
  • Free and subscription based data available directly in QlikView.

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