What is Power BI?

This What is Power BI? article provides an introduction to the Business Intelligence solution.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a cloud based self-service Business Intelligent (BI) solution. It provides  data analysis from a wide range of data sources.  It is user friendly and provides interactive data visualizations that means end users can create reports and dashboards without having to depend on technical staff.

What is Power BI?

Power BI allows you to start small from an Excel spreadsheet, with minimal upfront costs, all the way up to Enterprise grade real time analytics and modelling.

There are three levels of licensing, Free, Pro and Premium.  See our recent article on Power BI Licensing for details.

Microsoft Power BI currently has over 70 data connectors  and is adding more all the time, these data connectors allow you to incorporate app or data into your analytics reports, for example Google Analytics.

Users are shown their business insights, from all of their data sources, in interactive reports and visualisations that bring the data to life.

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