12 Days of ClickLearn Attain (Part 2)

Discover 6 further features new to ClickLearn Attain that can help take your content creation to the next level in 2021 and beyond.

Welcome to the second part of our 12 Days of ClickLearn Attain! A continuation of part 1, this article looks at a further six features of Attain that have taken our ClickLearn content creation to the next level and that we recommend you try too!

Structure your portal to allow users easy access to related materials.

Any ClickLearn author is familiar with the structure of a ClickLearn Portal. The concept of The Shelf, Books and Recordings that make up a Portal has always made navigating between resources easy to manage. That being said, there are times when a slightly greater flexibility may be required in structuring your portal and now with ClickLearn Attain you can manage your structure in any way you wish.

You can add sections and headings, include dividers to separate out content, notes and even hyperlinks out to other useful resources and materials. This allows you to better meet the needs of any end user, ensuring that the structure can be laid out in the most user-friendly way possible with as much guidance and information as might be required.

8. Analyse User Adoption with Embedded Analytics

Analyse User Adoption with embedded analytics.

There have always been useful analytics within ClickLearn. The ability to track usage, gain feedback and use the results to fine tune content is a tool that any author is grateful for. With ClickLearn Attain, this is taken to a whole new level. With intuitive dashboards that present information on how the content you provide is being consumed across time zones and locations, you will have all he information you need at a glance. You can easily investigate what works and what doesn’t and make changes to suit. This allows your content to easily grow and evolve, with direct user input.

9. Record Multiple or Single Steps with Greater Control through the Clicklearn Recording Pane

Record Multiple or Single Steps with Greater Control through the Clicklearn Attain Recording Pane.

Jumping into recording a process has always been easy, wait for the green rectangle and off you go. Attain adds new levels to the recording process with a recording pane that appears once the main studio closes down away from the recording window. The pane offers greater control with your recording process, meaning less errors occurring, and less time later needed for editing.

You can record a whole process as before, however once you stop recording it gives you the opportunity to view the recorded steps before you add to them. You can choose to record single steps and also pause the recording, the recording pane moving off to the side out of the way until you are ready to continue. And if you make a mistake and click too soon the familiar reminder is still there to tell you to try again.

10. Improve Your Process with the Ability to Add Annotated Screen Shots Whilst Recording

One other element of the recording pane that needs a shout out in its own right is the ability to record a single screenshot which can then later be annotated. This ability adds a whole layer of potential to your recordings in its ability to reduce the time needed to add instruction to certain areas of content creation.

Improve Your Process with the Ability to Add Annotated Screen Shots Whilst Recording.

Adding a screen shot to show a certain form or area of a system that can then be easily annotated, post recording, allows authors to ensure no step or element is overlooked in a process, particularly as these can be added in at any time even after the initial recording has been completed.

11. Secure Cloud-Based Storage of all your Learning Content

Authors record A LOT! We love it, if we can ClickLearn it we will, and usually do! Content takes up a great deal of space though, images, sound files, video files and so on. With Attain, ClickLearn to your hearts content as what once was stored to your local drive or server, now rests happily in the ClickLearn Cloud, secure and accessible whenever you need it. What’s more, Cloud based storage makes collaboration ever faster and easier, especially where so many of us are currently working from home.

12. Extensive Help and Support for Users

The ClickLearn Support Team has always offered an impressive level of support and guidance for users and this is taken to new levels within the new ClickLearn Attain. Attain now has its own Digital Assistant as links to help and guidance. There is still the option to contact support directly from the platform and send recordings for analysis if they are showing any issues.

Beyond this there are now the added benefits of a growing ClickLearn Community for all those who use ClickLearn to discuss issues, share ideas and support each other and the newest of all and The ClickLearn Universe which looks likely to have a wealth of courses and ideas aimed at making content exceptional.

ClickLearn Attain provides extensive help and support for users.

That concludes our 12 Days of Clicklearn Attain mini-series. We hope you enjoyed learning more about how these new features make ClickLearn an even more powerful tool than it already is. But above all, we wish you and your families well for the festive season and a happy 2021!

If you would like to find out more about the ClickLearn product or our ClickLearn Services, please contact us.

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