An introduction to the Sales Insights Add-In

Sales Insights is designed to support sales managers in improving the performance of their sales team activities. Find out the features included with Dynamics 365

Sales Insights is designed to support sales managers in improving the performance of their sales team activities. The add-in continuously analyses the customer interaction data already stored in your Dynamics 365 database.

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AI modelling provides insights on these many interactions to improve efficiency and customer engagement. Users report that Sales Insights helps them to better understand their business relationships and make data-driven decisions to help them to plan future activity.

The following Sales Insights features are available as standard in the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plan.

Guided Selling Assistant

The Assistant analyses information from Dynamics 365, Exchange, and other sources and suggests personalised and actionable insights to guide sellers on their best course of action. This data-driven approach helps sales professionals to build stronger relationships with their customers and to close more deals.

Auto Capture

This productivity intelligence feature tracks customer engagements by surfacing suggestions to track emails and meetings. This ensures that valuable interaction data is highly visible and facilitates control of what information is being shared within a sales team. In addition to activity capture, auto capture also uncovers suggestions for new contacts based on captured activities.

Email Engagement

Email engagement helps you create more effective email messages and provides valuable insight into your contacts’ interaction with them. This helps busy sales professionals stay on top of their email and prioritise those prospects or customers that are most engaged.

Premium Sales Insights 

Also available is Sales Insights Premium. This chargeable add-in offers a host of additional features including: 

  • Premium assistant 
  • Premium auto capture 
  • Notes analysis 
  • Relationship analytics 
  • Who knows whom 
  • Predictive lead scoring 
  • Predictive opportunity scoring 
  • Premium forecasting 
  • Talking points 
  • Sales accelerator 
  • Assistant app for Teams 
  • Conversation intelligence

If you would like further information on how to configure Sales Insights Standard or to discuss Sales Insights Premium, click here to contact us, email or call 01329 222802 

Further information on Sales Insights can be found here

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