CRM training has changed

CRM training is changing… Well trained users provide a faster ROI, improved efficiency, user adoption and satisfaction. Read this article to understand the change and to learn about modern CRM training platforms.

Don’t Train – Engage!

CRM training for your users is crucial to success – efficient CRM training improves user adoption and efficiency, providing a faster ROI. With cloud-based solutions becoming more and more popular, the style of CRM training is changing….

CRM Training

Historically with on-premises IT projects, training was considered a one-time activity, undertaken when the system was ready to Go-Live or shortly afterwards.

Additional CRM training updates were not usually planned since you were in control of when to take the next leap and system upgrade. Often further training was not given on the new features or modules that the upgrade may have introduced to your environment.

Roll forward to today’s modern cloud-based environments and the task of rollout management has been taken out of your hands. Therefore a one-off training session when you go live is not going to be enough to ensure your employees are getting the most out of the software and are kept up-to-date. The CRM training model you provide needs to support an always up-to-date change schedule.

To ensure the highest employee productivity and satisfaction you need to provide them with an Interactive Engagement Program.

This needs to be versatile to cover on-boarding existing users to the new system or features and also a program for New Starters to the business.

The CRM Engagement program needs to be delivered to include media-rich formats so that each employee can access the method they are most comfortable and successful with.

 Nicola Whate, QGate Business Development

If you want to understand more about how QGate can help you deliver a modern CRM training Engagement platform to be proud of, please contact us or read about our ClickLearn as a Service offering.

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