How CRM can help you to deliver agile customer service and improve the customer experience

Delivering exceptional customer service is more important than ever. CRM provides an agile solution that can increase productivity, reduce costs, identify sales opportunities and improve the customer experience.

Delivering exceptional customer service is more important than ever. Poor customer service creates a negative impact on your organisation, resulting in the loss of customer loyalty, repeat business, profits, reputation and even good employees.

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Ensuring that your customer service is up to scratch is more challenging as the number of communication channels has expanded. Long gone are the days of just letters, telephone calls and face-to-face interactions. Companies must now be able to deliver omnichannel service across their customers preferred routes including email, live chat, and social media.

As the number of contact channels has increased, the challenge of storing and organising of data has also increased. The details and purchase history of a single customer may now be spread among several channels and multiple employees.

Increasingly, businesses are looking at how artificial intelligence (AI) can help to augment customer support. Chatbots and customer self-service can be used alongside service agents to streamline and automate your response to routine customer enquiries and frequently asked questions. The benefits are 24/7 availability to your customers, fast response times and the freeing up of customer service agents to work on more complex issues.

Achieving all of this without an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system is impossible. CRM is a powerful software solution which offers a range of capabilities to help improve your customer experience:

  • Keep in touch with your customers with personalised communications across multiple channels
  • Deliver a consistent and high-level customer experience
  • Use data to help you to understand your customers better and build targeting marketing strategies
  • Send relevant information automatically through grouping of customers or triggered by specific events
  • Provide attentive customer support by utilising automation and AI to provide swift, focussed responses to customer issues

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Customer Service

Deliver customer service across multiple channels

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an agile customer service solution that will increase productivity, reduce costs, identify sales opportunities and improve the customer experience.

  • Provide Self-service Support – Offer your customers immediate access to the right content at the right time on the right channel
  • Personalise Customer Service Engagements – deliver consistent, connected experiences across multiple channels from a unified agent desktop
  • Empower service teams with tools for Increased Productivity – enable agents to resolve customers’ issues swiftly
  • Analyse and learn from comprehensive support insights – track success against KPIs and adapt quickly.
Five Ingredients to Ignite Always-On Service

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Five Ingredients to Ignite Always-On Service

  • Maintain quality of service when customer demand spikes
  • Improve efficiency and automation to reduce costs
  • Support remote teams to work effectively
  • Deliver connected, valuable customer experiences

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