How CRM can help SMBs to achieve Sales Growth in a Competitive Economic Landscape

After the challenges arising from the Covid pandemic and Brexit, many small to medium businesses are now looking to grow, however rising inflation and other costs threaten to hamper these aspirations.

Improving employee productivity and performance are key to achieving sales growth against an increasingly competitive economic landscape. Not having the right sales engagement solution in place can result in lost opportunities, a lack of team collaboration and slower sales cycles. Excessive administration tasks and complex processes can also negatively impact sales performance.

A cohesive CRM Sales Solution can help businesses to:

  • Boost productivity and revenue
  • Build strong customer connections
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Streamline sales processes
  • Personalise customer interactions
  • … leading to optimised performance and sales growth

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful, access-anywhere, collaborative sales solution that increases focus, insight and performance to achieve better results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard
  • Streamline Selling: integrated multichannel communications driven by AI-powered sales insights
  • Build Relationships: find new buyers and identify next actions
  • Collaborate Seamlessly: using built-in productivity and collaboration from Microsoft 365 and Teams.
  • Boost Productivity: Minimise routine tasks, automate processes and prioritise activities.
  • Adapt to Rapid Changes: dashboards and reports to track performance, increase forecast accuracy and gain real-time visibility into sales performance.

Free Microsoft Ebook – 6 Strategies to Boost Sales Productivity

MS Dyn 365 6 strategies to boost sales productivity

To succeed in today’s challenging environment, organisations need to engage customers across multiple channels, while empowering employees with real-time insights and information.

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can modernise your sales team to boost productivity, deliver personalised customer experience and increase sales wins.

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