How to turn your CRM into a powerful Marketing Engine (with ClickDimensions)

Are you making the most of your CRM’s capabilities? In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, CRM systems have evolved into more than just contact repositories; they’ve become powerful marketing engines. In this article, we’ll explore the challenges organisations face when integrating CRM and marketing efforts and delve into how a native solution, like ClickDimensions, can revolutionise your marketing strategy by seamlessly aligning CRM and marketing activities 

Challenges of Siloed Systems

Often, companies maintain separate CRM and marketing platforms, leading to data fragmentation and inefficient workflows. This disconnect not only hinders collaboration across departments but also limits the ability to track the full customer journey and measure marketing effectiveness accurately. Siloed systems result in manual data transfers, duplication of efforts, and a lack of holistic insights.

The Solution: Native Integration

Enter ClickDimensions, a native marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. James Drysdale from ClickDimensions shows how their native approach solves the challenges of siloed systems in our webinar recording. Unlike traditional integrations, where data must be exported and imported, ClickDimensions lives directly within your CRM platform. This native integration ensures that data seamlessly flows between CRM and marketing activities, enabling departments to collaborate effectively and obtain accurate insights.

ClickDimensions Marketing
ClickDimensions Marketing Automation (ClickDimensions, 2023)

Why ClickDimensions?

  1. Full Visibility: A native solution ensures that marketing activities and customer interactions are linked directly to CRM records. This real-time data synchronisation provides a comprehensive view of customer engagement, helping teams make informed decisions.

  2. Streamlined Processes: With native integration, manual data transfers and duplicate efforts become a thing of the past. ClickDimensions automates tasks like lead assignment, enabling teams to focus on high-impact activities.

  3. Personalised Engagement: By leveraging CRM data, you can hyper-personalise marketing campaigns. ClickDimensions enables audience segmentation based on CRM attributes, resulting in tailored messages that resonate with recipients.

  4. Automated Journeys: ClickDimensions empowers you to design and execute automated customer journeys. These journeys guide prospects through personalised experiences, all while capturing their interactions and updating CRM records in real time.

  5. Holistic Insights: Marketing efforts are tied directly to revenue outcomes. ClickDimensions allows you to track the entire customer journey from initial engagement to conversion, providing clear visibility into marketing’s contribution to the bottom line.

Conclusion: Driving Business Growth

Integrating your CRM with a native marketing solution like ClickDimensions unlocks the potential for streamlined collaboration and data-driven decision-making. By leveraging technology to drive business growth, you can transform your CRM into a powerful marketing engine that fuels success in the digital age.

If you’d like to find our more about ClickDimensions or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, contact us – we’d love to hear from you. 

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