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Alastair Jupp discusses how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help businesses grow and achieve digital transformation in our Meet the Expert article.

Alastair Jupp – Managing Director, QGate

CRM Expert - Alastair Jupp

Creating a first-rate experience for customers is a key aspiration of any business looking to expand. However, having this vision and putting it into practice is often two different things. This is where I believe technology, and specifically Customer Relationship Management (CRM), can be of significant help. In most people’s mind, and indeed in its name, a CRM is just for managing Customer Relationships, right? Well yes, but there’s a whole lot more it does and can do for your business.

The first step is to forget the term CRM and the technology, then think about what it is your business and subsequent business processes need to achieve. This is the key to successful digital transformation using a CRM.

So, what does a CRM do?

  • Transform your customers’ experience of doing business with you?
  • Engage and make your employees’ lives easier?
  • Accelerate activities and reduce effort?
  • Improve operations and reduce cost?

Yes, all of the above. But what it should also do is enable your business and your teams to create those wow moments for everyone who engages with you, it should be an innovation platform. I say should because this is where the right platform choice comes in. Every professional in the world of CRM will have a platform preference, mine is Microsoft Dynamics 365. I did not make this choice without grounds and the one word that sums up the ‘why’ of my decision: ecosystem.

It can be daunting if you have been tasked with implementing a CRM for your business, where do you start? Firstly, consider this quote: “Creativity is thinking up new things, Innovation is DOING new things” (Theodore Levitt). So you’ve done the creativity bit and will no doubt have a vision and many goals from across your business, now it’s time to DO the innovation and turn these into a reality.

This is why we implemented the CRM Success Program. In my role as Business Analyst at QGate, and through previous experience in departments such as Sales & Sales Operations, Digital Marketing and Digital Delivery, I worked on bridging the technical-commercial gap and developed the Success Program. This aims to introduce customers to the world of CRM, or more specifically, the world of CRM delivery, so customers can understand the journey they are about to undergo in simple, clear steps.

The CRM Success journey itself is comprised of a series of stages defining the What, When and most importantly Why of CRM design, development and deployment. When it comes to successfully implementing CRM in line with a customer’s vision and goals, the Program has proven its worth to all who have engaged with it. Moreover, the beauty of the Success Program is its core principle: the freedom to choose. It’s free and accessible to all, regardless of the technology or partner you’re working with.

If you are interested in what you have read in this Meet the Expert article, click to discover more about the QGate CRM Roadmap and digital transformation.

QGate CRM Readiness Assessment

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If you are wondering where to start, the CRM Readiness Assessment set of multiple-choice questions will provide a benchmark on where you are in terms of your readiness to commence a CRM implementation.

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