Preparing for CRM – Requirements (Part 5 of 5)

This article is Part 5 of our Preparing for CRM Series. In this article we discuss CRM Requirements and what you need to consider creating them.

Preparing for CRM – Requirements

Now you know what you want to achieve (and the processes/data required to do so) you’re in a great position to draft your Requirements.

Depending on your planned approach to procuring a system and potentially selecting a partner or putting a team together to implement, ensure you share the information and background created from:

  • Your Project Objectives, Goals
  • Process mapping
  • Looking at the data required
  • Deciding the Outputs you require
  • Assessing your priorities

Sharing the thinking behind your requirements really helps whoever is to implement the system assess how best to design a solution for you.  They should be asking a lot of “why” questions, and the background will help to provide some answers.

Preparing for CRM - Requirements

Set up meetings so that all parties have the opportunity to further clarify elements or discuss options before a final proposal.  This helps both parties work towards a functionally satisfactory and cost acceptable solution more effectively.

Even if you have good technical knowledge of your intended solution, try not to make too many product-specific requirements.  Technology moves at such a pace that there’s always new, sometimes more cost/time effective ways of achieving your goals.  Work with your partner/ implementation team to decide the best way forward for your business now and in the near future.  Being too prescriptive can lead to less than the optimal system.

You should now be well prepared to embark on a successful and beneficial implementation project – Good luck.

Getting Started

If you have been given the task to implement a new CRM solution for your organisation and don’t know where to start, the QGate CRM Readiness Assessment tool will help.

The QGate CRM Readiness Assessment has been designed for the first stage in our CRM Roadmap. It is a short assessment providing gap analysis of where you are today and where you need to be tomorrow in preparation for your CRM project.

During this free consultation, we will ask you a set of multiple-choice questions, which results in a free report with an assessment and benchmark of how ready you are for your new CRM solution.

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