Single Customer View (SCV) Scenario

If you have wondered what a Single Customer View (SCV) is and why it is important? This article will help…

Why do I need a Single Customer View?

Imagine this scenario without a Single Customer View:

It’s 4 pm on a beautiful Friday afternoon. You are in the office wrapping things up for the weekend. The sun is shining and everyone has gone to the beach to drink pina coladas and build sand castles.

Single Customer View (SCV) Scenario

Suddenly… Your biggest and most valued customer is breathing fire down the phone. It’s critical… They NEED your help!

What do you do? Being a logical professional person, with a caring nature and of sound mind… You begin by looking for the information required to save the day.

Catastrophe!… Your head drops as you realise that the Information is not readily available.

Not accepting or willing to admit failure to your ‘soon to be explosive’ customer… You ask:

  • Why can’t I find the…  Answer: Dave has it on his spreadsheet
  • Where is the…  Answer: Betty has it on her email
  • Where is Betty?… Answer: Betty is out of the office. (Currently perfecting her sand sculpting technique)
  • Who has access to the… Answer: Dave has access to the Internal server drive
  • Where is Dave?…  Answer: Dave is out of the office. (Currently drinking his 4th Pina Colada)

Does any of this sound familiar?

How to achieve a Single Customer View (SCV)

Historically… Customers embracing change were restricted by a lack of reasonably priced ‘readily available’ technology.

This presented the potential risk of creating over customised rigid IT solutions, with limited user access, multiple storage points; causing duplication in processes and data. Sometimes resulting in ‘special key holders’… Like Dave.

Today’s marketplaces are now moving even faster, with both competitors and consumers getting more tech savvy. The ability to quickly change ‘together’ as one, is now crucial to remaining competitive and exceeding customer expectations.

Now… The goods news!… Technology has caught up!

The answer:  CRM solutions, which bring massive benefits to companies embracing change. Today’s CRM solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, provide a platform for achieving a Single Customer View (SCV); bringing departments together into one centralised system.

Providing all this important customer information at your fingertips means you will have happy customers, happy teams and a bright jewel for your own fortified castle.

Infographic Version Why do I need a Single Customer View? 
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