What is CRM?

If you have wondered what CRM means, what it is and why it is important, this article will help…

What is CRM? and  Why Does it matter?

CRM… Get the message!

What is CRM?

What is CRM?  It stands for Customer Relationship Management and is an approach to enable effective communication with existing and potential customers.

Traditionally… Messages communicated between sender and receiver can often be misdirected, uncaptured, lost, delayed or misinterpreted. Resulting in a failure to meet a customer requirement.

Inevitably leading to customers turning to another preferred competitor, potentially due to a perception of a lack of confidence or care.

What companies can afford this?  Especially in today’s competitive economies.

Advancements in technology offer inspired solutions to help prepare, predict and prevent miscommunication. This Digital Transformation is based on Cloud solutions including CRM.

CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable companies to manage and interpret these messages as data.

That data is a valuable ‘asset’. (A single item of ownership with a potential exchange value)

Good management of data can be the difference between success over competitors in the marketplace.

Improving reputation, quality of service and the ability to exceed customer expectation.

A successful CRM project should support business strategy and help drive towards a clear vision.

Providing a pathway to unleash business potential and optimise your customer relationships.

Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its benefits here.

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