Why you need CRM to Drive Improvements across your Business

A strong CRM solution delivers the information you need to develop tailored customer journeys, create lasting relationships and drive improvement across your business.

Do we need a CRM? If you’re considering this question, it’s worth examining whether you identify with any indicators that your business needs a CRM:

  • You find if difficult to access customer information
  • Business decisions are made on instinct – not data
  • Collaboration across departments or teams is poor
  • Lead qualification is lacking, and sales opportunities are sometimes missed
  • Repetitive and time-consuming tasks are taking up too much of employees time
  • You find it hard to track sales team performance
  • Marketing efforts are sporadic and ineffective
  • Customer retention and upsell is low

CRM, or customer relationship management, is an integrated, data-driven software solution that can elevate your interactions and relationships with your customers.

A strong CRM solution delivers the information you need to develop tailored customer journeys, win more business and create lasting relationships. Without a centralised, automated CRM system, you risk losing track of customer interactions and overlooking opportunities.

Benefits of CRM

Why you need a CRM and how it can drive improvement across your business
  • Creation of high-value leads and actionable insights that drive your business development forward.
  • Automation and personalisation of customer experiences and marketing communications to deepen engagement and maximise satisfaction.
  • Increased customer lifetime value and boosted profitability
  • Proactive and predictive service to help cut costs and boost a positive brand response.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based CRM solution from Microsoft that provides a unified data model across your business. Dynamics 365 empowers you to adapt to customer needs, improve collaboration and grow your business, based on data insight.

You can choose a standalone application or employ several CRM tools as an integrated solution that meets your requirements – with the reassurance that your system can grow with you. Dynamics 365 is extensible using Power Platform and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and other common business tools. Using Microsoft Teams, anyone in an organisation can view and collaborate on Dynamics 365 records, from within the flow of work.

Choosing a CRM solution that matches your goals and has the intelligence, ease of use and data connectivity you need can help your entire organisation. It connects true customer learning to personalised marketing, intuitive sales outreach and superior service.

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