ClickDimensions Explained

ClickDimensions: the only complete marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

There are plenty of products that marketers can use to supplement Dynamics 365 and complete their marketing activities, including Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

ClickDimensions is one of the only fully featured and supported marketing tools that has onboarding and support included. Unlike Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which can make the tool a more accessible and attractive solution to marketers.
ClickDimensions in 3 minutes

Essential capabilities include:

  • Designing and sending marketing emails from within Dynamics 365 and review send results and analytics. Awesome content, innovative campaigns and viral social posts lose their value if you can’t measure results. Email statistics provide essential insights into your email performance and recipient interactions. Learn to improve your emails by observing trends in click heat maps.
  • Marketing automation that can be built once and run automatically. ClickDimensions understand that marketers are busy and your content is only as good as its reach. Automation with triggers can allow your content to be sent to the right people at the right time.
  • Creating and supporting new or existing web forms and landing pages from Dynamics 365, hosting them online. Track your web form hits and usage using dashboards or Power BI.
  • Integrating with familiar event tools such as GoToWebinar, WebEx, Eventbrite and Cvent and tracking contacts/leads registering for and attending your events in Dynamics 365

However, three key aspects of ClickDimensions differentiate it from competitors:


ClickDimensions robust automation and analytics tools are embedded in Dynamics 365 and easy to use. Warm up your leads with ease, delivering personalised experiences.

Create personalised campaigns within Dynamics 365, including emails, templates, web forms, landing pages, and automation workflows. Execute essential marketing activities and receive native analytics and feedback.


ClickDimensions can support your multi-channel strategies with features covering email, website elements, webinar and event management, SMS messaging, and social media.

On top of free 24/7 support, ClickDimensions recently launched a Marketing Services team dedicated to providing you with wider marketing advice and training.


ClickDimensions only provide marketing services to marketers using Dynamics 365. They are fully focused on the platform that you are familiar with and are committed to your success.

Loved by Microsoft customers and partners, ClickDimensions is a popular software choice for many.

QGate are happy to have partnered with ClickDimensions for a long time and are enjoying the product internally, as well as offering it to our customers to advance their marketing efforts.

Get in touch if you would like to talk to us about your CRM and marketing strategies.

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