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There is a wealth of content available for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Infor CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Office applications and more in our ClickLearn Content Service.

ClickLearn as a Service – A Wealth of Available Content

ClickLearn Authorised Partner UK

At QGate we have embraced the future for support and training needs by using ClickLearn as the basis for all our ongoing content creation. Since partnering with ClickLearn in early 2019, part of our mission has been the production of some base content to make available through our Software as a Service provision. Over time the amount of content has continued to grow and is continually added to, not just for users of Dynamics 365, but also for other software solutions such as Infor CRM, Salesforce, Office Applications and other Web and Windows offerings, including our own ISV solutions such as Paribus 365 and intelli-CTi.

ClickLearn Content Service

Focusing on the available content in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, users can take advantage of generic support presented via both the stimulating and multi-faceted delivery system of the web portal and also through the system embedded, digital assistant. There are tutorials on the main aspects of the system and how to navigate through it, how to search and use tools like the advanced find or filter for results. On top of this, there is help with adding accounts and contacts, setting up leads and opportunities and tracking competitor details within the system. You can find support on ways to record the activities, meetings and phone calls that you use to interact with clients as well as the use and set up of dashboards to monitor your own progress against targets. There are even modules telling users how to access and complete playbooks too.

Also available is a set of adapted content for training new users using mock scenarios that encourage users to practice the skills they are learning. These scenarios mirror the help and support content, yet provide additional information and tasks giving the new user a well-rounded overview as well as practical support and guidance. There are even modules on how to get the best from the help functions in both the portal and how to best make use of the digital assistant within the system.

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For superusers, there is generic content too. Support to upload solution files, change the base language, change the currency and how to create a template in order to then import data are already available. Alongside these there is support for other aspects of changing the system settings, creating system views and system dashboards and how to create and publish playbooks for users. More content is on the way too, taking the form of learning how to set up templates, sales territories, product catalogues, system notifications, security roles and business units.

Week on week, this wealth of content will continue to grow, not just from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, but also across the board with other solutions too! Any of this is available at a low per user per month fee. On top of this, there is the exciting option to commission bespoke content that reflects the exact nuances of any customised system through our content authoring services, which also includes branding the materials produced to reflect the look and feel of your business.

Find out more about QGate’s ClickLearn as a Service offering or if you would like to find out more about the ClickLearn product or all of our ClickLearn Services, please contact us.

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