Dynamics 365 for Sales Online Course now available

Train your new and existing staff on the latest and most popular business applications with QGate’s online courses. Our first course is now available: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Workplace Training Transformed

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when it comes to hiring new members of staff is ensuring they’re fully tutored and equipped to succeed in their new role. Indeed, creating training materials that cover all aspects of your business systems is a major drain on financial and human resources. Furthermore, actually taking employees with no experience of the software you use through these induction courses face-to-face is even more time-consuming. This becomes increasingly worrying when you realise an outdated training method such as this reduces the likelihood of them fully adopting your processes.

Introducing our new training course – Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Workplace training

Thankfully, QGate are here to help. We’re creating a variety of online courses to help train new users of the most popular business systems, the first of which is now officially available. Titled ‘Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales’, this course is designed to educate those unfamiliar with Dynamics 365 on the core concepts of its Sales application. Using interactive videos created in the ClickLearn studio, it guides employees through 10 modules, including topics such as the management of Accounts, qualification of Leads, and analysis of competitors. At the end of each module, users are also asked to complete an assessment or quiz to test and compound what they’ve learned in that section. These videos can be delivered in a variety of ways, including SCORM files which can be uploaded to almost any Learning Management System (LMS).

To complement this and cater for users who prefer a more verbal/written learning experience, you’ll also receive the course’s training content as a full set of PDF documents. All in all, the Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales online course takes as little as 4 hours to complete (depending on the delivery method), meaning new staff become up-to-speed with what’s expected of them in less than half a working day! However, this course is also perfect for businesses who have recently migrated to Dynamics 365 from their old CRM, and for existing users of Dynamics looking to refresh their knowledge of the system. You no longer have to waste countless hours producing content and administering it yourself; QGate’s training courses allow you to effortlessly teach users the ways of your business without lifting a finger!

Wait, there’s more?

As a new service, this course is currently only available in English. Nevertheless, ClickLearn has the ability to produce content in 45 different languages, enabling us to deliver the course to you whatever your native tongue (additional charges apply). We can also customise the content to suit the individual needs of your business upon request (at an extra cost). More information on the Dynamics 365 for Sales Online course, including price and a breakdown of its modules, can be found here.

Coming soon

As mentioned, Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is not the only online training course offered by QGate. More onboarding material for other business systems will be continually released to meet demand – see those that are on their way here.

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