QGate is an Authorised ClickLearn Partner

QGate are bringing the ClickLearn revolution in eLearning to the UK, as the first Authorised Service Provider and Partner in the UK territory.

We’re excited to announce QGate’s status as an Authorised ClickLearn Partner. This extends our relationship with ClickLearn, having become a ClickLearn Service Provider earlier this year.

This enables us to resell ClickLearn to customers in addition to being able to offer ClickLearn as a Service.

Since first engaging with ClickLearn, we have implemented e-learning and support portals to one of our own Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement customers, providing the service to around 900 users globally. We have also provided the service on behalf of a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central partner who wanted to create documentation for their vertical solution.

We are seeing a lot of interest in ClickLearn and identifying an increasing number of opportunities to use the platform. These include:

·        Early training support to UAT testers

·        Role-specific assistance such as by department, for admins, etc.

·        User onboarding training

·        24/7 user assistance

·        System documentation creation

Inherent features such as Feedback are giving users a voice, to provide not only feedback on the training/assistance itself but context-specific feedback on the system/process. We have been using Microsoft Forms Pro as part of the delivered solution to provide onboard/training testing etc.

QGate’s ClickLearn as a Service, supported by our ClickLearn Authoring Services, enables us to get customers up and running with customised content very quickly. Our service includes standard content which is constantly being added to.

ClickLearn Partner

These services are not limited to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications – in fact, the platform can support almost any software application. We have not yet found an example that the platform could not support!

We saw the potential value for our current and future customers as soon as we connected with the team at ClickLearn, and since then we have spent over 500 hours internally operating the product, including the publishing of more than 250 recordings and 30 learning portals.

We truly believe that this is the way forward for supporting the lifecycle of system implementations, and are excited to bring the ClickLearn revolution in e-learning to the UK, as ClickLearn’s first UK based Authorised Partner!

In a press release, ClickLearn state that they “are very excited about the way QGate has incorporated ClickLearn into their business model, training and employing personnel specifically as ClickLearn super-users.”

Read more details about our ClickLearn as a Service or the product here.

ClickLearn Live Examples

QGate have made a set of free and Live ClickLearn Portals available, these examples show how you can deliver user assistance, online help and training to your organisation.

For more information about the ClickLearn product or our ClickLearn services, please contact us.

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