Who Uses Marketing Automation?

If you are a small or medium sized business looking into marketing automation software, you may be wondering if it is something you really need…

Who Uses Marketing Automation?

Being an SMB ourselves, we took the time to look into the other kinds of companies using marketing automation software.  By digging into statistics and marketing reports from the last two years, we found some interesting conclusions that may set your mind at ease as to whether your company is ‘right’ for marketing automation.

Earlier this year, Software Advice (a website that helps buyers choose marketing software) analysed data from 896 interactions with marketing automation software buyers that took place in 2013.  They found that 50% of MA customers had fewer than 50 employees.

Who Uses Marketing Automation

While a different study found that budget limitations were one of the top obstacles to marketing automation success, the Software Advice survey showed that it was companies with an annual revenue of under $25 million (approx. £15.6 million) that made up the majority of buyers (59%).

In fact, while companies with a $6-25 million annual revenue constituted 37% of the buyers, companies with an annual revenue of under $6 million dollars made up a whopping 22% of marketing automation buyers in the Software Advice study.

Marketing Automation Statistics - Revenue

Whether your company has six members of staff or over 1000, you won’t be alone in selecting a marketing automation solution to further your company’s goals.

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