5 Features in Wave 1 2022 for Power Automate

Lee Harris – Technical Consultant, at QGate – highlights 5 new Power Automate features in wave 1 2022

5 Upcoming Features in wave 1 2022 for Power Automate makers

wave 1 2022 for Power Automate

#1 Copy and Paste to save even more clicks 

Let’s start with something that we all take for granted. The copy and paste functionality within Power Automate Cloud Flows has been given an upgrade and it will now be possible to copy and paste within nested switch statements. A change that sounds small that will massively help with the creation of switch statements with many cases. In addition to this, connection references will also be supported with the copy and paste functionality. 


#2 Let Power Automate handle those Nulls

If you have ever read data from an external source or API within Power Automate, you may have made use of the Parse JSON action to convert the incoming data into a useable object within the rest of your process steps. If your incoming data contained null values, you would often have to build workarounds or handle these manually as they would throw exceptions. This latest improvement to the Parse JSON action takes care of that for you and can now happily accept and process null values. 


#3 Undo your mistakes with the new Undo feature

We’ve all been there. Adding actions to our processes, updating steps, deleting the ones we think we don’t need only to realise they were integral to the entire process. The new undo feature won’t stop you from making those mistakes but will get you back to where you were quickly. Making use of the local browser storage this is no replacement for source control but will be a well-received feature by many. 


#4 Resubmit your failed runs in bulk

When processes fail due to lost connections, limits on actions etc, you may want to resubmit them with the same inputs, so they run to completion. Currently this can only be done one at a time, which is not ideal when you have large numbers of failed processes that need resubmitting. Thankfully, this new feature will allow you to select multiple failed runs and submit them all at once. 


#5 Simplifying OData syntax for ease of use

Finally, a great feature that will help many who are not familiar with the OData syntax create flows with advanced filter conditions. Flow actions will, by default, hide OData syntax, instead providing a more user-friendly filter query builder. For those that prefer writing the syntax manually, or for when more advance conditions may be required, you can still access the OData syntax using the advanced option. This will initially be available with the SharePoint Online connector’s Get Items action. 


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the features in Wave 1 2022 for Power Automate, please contact us.

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