Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Updates – October 2022

Oliver Wollaston, Technical Services Lead, explains just some of the new wave 2 updates for Dynamics 365

Following the wave 1 updates earlier this year, Dynamics 365 have introduced even more innovations to create a seamless experience for both you and your customers. The wave 2 release has hundreds of new features across Dynamic 365 apps, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, HR, Finance and many more. Let’s explore some of the updates…

1. SMS Messaging in your Dynamics 365 Sales 

In light of keeping up to date with digital transformation, SMS messaging is being previewed in Dynamics 365 for sales. This will give users the ability to make use of SMS messages at opportune moments or to automate messages within a process or schedule. 

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2. Enhanced Duplicate Detection 

Administrators will be able to define additional business parameters to go alongside the current settings and will be able to perform duplicate detection on Contacts. 

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3. Validated emails for leads within Dynamics 365 Sales 

Administrators will be able to turn this feature on so that emails within a lead will be checked for syntax, existing domain, test or spam email and expired email addresses. The email field will be marked if the email is identified as invalid. 

4. Use Natural Language to create a segment in marketing 

Creating segments requires a certain amount of knowledge of how your business structures its data. With the Natural Language tool, you will be able to describe the type of data you want to create your segment using natural language. You can then add your results query to your segment as part of the current rules or as a new group. By giving the natural language engine a thumbs up, or thumbs down – you will help the engine to give more accurate results in the future. 

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5. Active Durations on SLA KPIs 

Both Active and On-Hold durations will be visible and trackable for SLA KPIs giving you the capability to report on how long your SLA KPIs are taking, in business hours, to reach its state of success or failure. 

6. Multi-entity forms in model driven apps 

With multi-entity forms it will be possible to render a model-driven form within another form, this will give users the ability to work on related entities without leaving the record they are on. 

Microsoft Office Teams 2018–present.svg

7. Teams Presence 

User records will be linked to users’ online presence giving users the ability to see colleagues’ current presence through record owner fields or any grid that includes the users record. 

8. Connecting to external data from Dataverse 

Microsoft have suggested that they are working on new ways to connect your Dataverse to external data sources. Some examples that have been suggested are Excel Workbooks that are stored within an Azure server, Onedrive or Sharepoint. 

Dataverse600x600 169

Keep an eye out for our next blog on wave 2 updates for developers (the technical bits). If you have any questions regarding these updates, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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