New QGate Training Course – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – Data Imports

New ClickDimensions off-the-shelf Training Course – Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – Data Imports

Let’s face it, the creation of training materials can be a huge drain on budgets when implementing a new system and a huge drain on people’s time – especially if something changes and the content needs to be updated on a regular basis. Not only this, but there can also be issues with deploying the training, especially in companies that operate globally, but even within a single site issues may arise. Often users become worn down by training that is too brief based on their current experience or long repetitive and unengaging.


When it comes to Training and Support, QGate have a vision. Our aim is to provide consistent, high quality training materials to our customers across a variety of formats to ensure the best outcomes for end users. We recently released the first of our packaged training courses, Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. The course covers all the basic training materials required to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365, from the creation of basic records, through to qualifying leads and progressing and winning an opportunity as well as creating quotes and invoices.

Microsoft Dynamics has far more complexity and functionality than the basic principles covered in this initial course. To this end we are also creating and releasing a series of additional modules focusing on some common topics which are often requested by customers to be delivered as training. These modules will allow you to build your training materials over time, pick topics most relevant to your users and ultimately ensure users get the training they need in a format that suits your business.

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – Data Imports

A key element of any CRM is the data that it holds. There are ultimately times when you will need to add data in larger volumes than the creation of a single record at a time. This is where the ability to import data into the system in bulk is a huge time saving device. Whether your data has been previously stored in spreadsheets, databases or other systems, bringing it all together in Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to work more effectively with it.

In order to do this, an understanding of the basic concepts behind data imports is required. The introductory course covers the following:

Basic Data Imports

Picture2 2
  • Creating a Basic Template for Importing Data
  • Populating a Template Ready to Import Data
  • Importing Data from a Template
  • Checking the Success of a Data Import
  • Reviewing the Data Importing Process with Another Entity
  • Import Data Using Excel Online
Picture3 1

Using Advanced Find and Advanced Settings to Import Data

  • Using Advanced Find to Create an Import Template
  • Downloading and Populating a Template Ready to Import Data
  • Saving a Template as a Personal View
  • Importing Data through Advanced Settings
  • Deleting Imported Data

As with the full Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales course, the core content is produced with the versatile content creation tool, ClickLearn. Alongside the core training material, you will receive tasks for your users to complete (ideally in a demo instance or sandbox environment), quiz questions that can be used for assessment and PDF documentation to support your users with their learning whichever delivery format you choose from:

  • Face to face/online training
  • LMS ready SCORM Files for training and testing
  • A ClickLearn Portal with video and downloadable content

Additional Options

As a new service, this course is currently only available in English. Nevertheless, ClickLearn has the ability to produce content in 45 different languages, enabling us to deliver the course to you whatever your native tongue (additional charges apply). We can also customise the content to suit the individual needs of your business upon request (at an extra cost) and will update it every six months in line with the wave 1 and 2 changes made to Dynamics 365 each year. Click here for more information on the course, including price and a breakdown of its modules.


Coming soon

As mentioned, these are not the only training course offered by QGate. More onboarding material for other business systems will be continually released to meet demand – see those that are on their way here.

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