Power BI for Teams – New and Enhanced Experience

Jonathan Small – Project Manager at QGate – details Power BI and Teams enhancements in 2022 release wave 1
Power BI for Teams

Microsoft Teams is at the centre of business, with users being able to access an ever-increasing range of features through its easily accessible and interactive framework. Within it can be stored all the information a user needs to make informed decisions and now with the app integrating Power BI into that framework, the full capabilities of Power BI are there to enhance that experience.


Data is simply a click away in any channel or chat, and the new and improved ways in which Power BI content is added to these will make insights and data even more accessible to users.

All content types will now be supported as well as the enabling of multitasking support for the Power BI personal app in Teams. The deepening integration of Power BI will allow users full access to the data they need to make important decisions.


Some other key Power BI updates include:

Accessibility – users will be better supported with accessing features such as improved slicer navigation using a keyboard and other improvements to support assistive technologies. Other enhancements include enhanced screen reader announcements and increased contrast for hover and focus outline.

Quick measures using natural language – there will now be the ability to define calculations using natural language statements which can include simple mathematical operations.

Embed Power BI scorecards in PowerPoint presentations – this will give users the ability to present live scorecards as part of their presentation.

Click here for more detail from Microsoft on what’s new and planned for Power BI in wave 1 2022.

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