Wave 1 2022 Dynamics 365 Marketing Enhancements

Wave 1 2022 brings enhancement to Dynamics 365 Marketing across Customer Journeys, Content Creation and Segmentation

Wave 1 2022 Dynamics 365 Marketing –  Enhancements across Customer Journeys, Content Creation and Segmentation

Dynamics 365 Marketing sees further enhancements in 2022 wave 1 to enable businesses to orchestrate personalised journeys across all touchpoints, to strengthen relationships and build loyalty.

The release also offers ways to utilise the power of your data with out-of-the-box AI to deliver connected experiences across every customer touchpoint.

Wave 1 2022 Dynamics 365 Marketing

Improvements to Customised Journeys and Personalised Messages

You can now take more actions with your customers by using customer event triggers as the glue between your journeys and customer processes. For example, a loan application journey could have various steps that currently require an agent’s approval. By creating a separate customer journey for loan exception approval, you can trigger it from various points in the loan application journeys where exceptions can occur. The data you send with the event trigger can be used for populating dynamic content or as inputs to other flow actions.

Conditional dynamic content is key to delivering highly personalized messages to customers. Creating content where entire sections target specific customer segments allows you to craft messages that align with your customers’ interests and preferences. Until now, achieving this level of dynamic content was complex and required coding. With the new conditional content experience, marketers can easily create messages targeted to specific segments or attributes, bringing content that is truly unique to each customer without writing any code.


Deliver Personalisation and create Dynamic Email Content using Data and AI

Compelling content and offers are a powerful tool in engaging and retaining customers. In addition to specifying manual rules for offer selection, you can leverage AI-based optimisation to tailor offers to match the preferences, interests, and motivations of each of your customers based on rich customer data from all of your customer data sources and past interactions with your brand. 

Delivering personalized content is now even easier with a quick list of the most commonly used dynamic text. For example, adding “first name” from the list will personalise your message with the customer’s first name. Additionally, teams can create and share dynamic text that is unique to their business.


Enhancements to Email Editor and Segmentation Builder

The revamped email editor allows you to quickly create engaging and relevant content. New features include precise drag-and-drop interactions, easy selection of elements, columns, or sections, and an in-context menu for faster content creation.

The new Segmentation Builder simplifies segment creation and empowers you to build segments for your campaigns without requiring assistance from data analysts. You can build segments on leads, without requiring the lead to have a parent contact. You can then market to these leads directly using customer journeys. Finally, the segmentation builder enables you to take an iterative approach to building the segment logic through member previews that populate as you build the segment.


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