CRM for IT Services

Cultivate new opportunities, nurture your existing clients and empower your teams – all from one place.

An effective CRM will optimise the service you provide your existing clients, whilst helping you to uncover untapped opportunities and new client potential. 

Improve the relationship you hold with existing customers through streamlined communication and better support. Remove barriers, iron out bottlenecks and simplify the way you work with a solution that is customised to you. CRMs for IT services help you to maximise your marketing efforts and sales successes; leading to a more lucrative and efficient business.

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Streamline your support and communication with CRM software for IT Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for IT Providers and Consultancies

As an IT services company, it’s crucial that the data you hold is secure and compliant. A CRM will help you alleviate the burden and tick all the necessary boxes by keeping all client data securely in one place.

A CRM will create a positive impact within your teams and help improve talent retention. CRMs for IT services can be customised for access levels and job roles, protecting your data, whilst ensuring your people always have all the information they need to get the job done. 

As an IT service provider ourselves, QGate understands the the day-to-day and strategic requirements you need from your CRM solution. We offer insight and experience in delivering bespoke CRM solutions to improve forecasting and your ability to make informed business decisions. We can help you leverage data insight, achieve better engagement and convert more opportunities.

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