Microsoft Power Pages

Create secure, low-code business websites, enabling all members of your team, not just those with experience in development, to create professional websites.

How Can Microsoft Power Pages Benefit You?

Microsoft Power Pages will allow you to create a number of different websites and portals, including websites for community services, easily create FAQ pages, websites offering 24/7 support services, and onboarding portals to support your partners.

Create in the design studio

Easily build solutions with ready-to-use templates or create customisable experiences. Design your pages with text, video, imagery, and business data forms and lists. The Design Studio will allow you to:

usecase tab 1 img
usecase tab 2 img

Build faster with Template Hub

Work with feature-rich templates that come with sample data and quickly create websites for scheduling, registration, and application submission. The Template Hub will allow you to:

Develop with pro tools

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QGate can get you up and running with Power Pages, so get in touch to find out more, or if you’d like to discuss a project – book a discovery call below.

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