Power Virtual Agents

Respond rapidly to your customer and employee needs – at scale – using intelligent AI-powered chatbots built with Power Virtual Agents. No coding required.

How Power Virtual Agents Benefit Your Organisation

Power Virtual Agents will allow you to provide your employees and customers with the answers they are looking for, solving issues that require a complete conversation with a simple-to-implement solution.


Giving you the ability to communicate in different languages with your customers and employees across websites, apps, Microsoft Teams, and any channel supported by the Azure Bot Framework.

Build the extra Help You Need

Quickly create sophisticated, AI-powered chatbots that can resolve common issues and answer questions around the clock.

Easily Create your own Chatbots

Create and manage powerful chatbots—without the need for code or AI expertise—with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

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Take Action

Easily integrate your chatbots with the products and services you use every day. Look up records, personalise conversations, handoff conversations to live agents, and call APIs. Choose from hundreds of prebuilt connectors, build custom workflows using Power Automate, or create complex scenarios with Microsoft Bot Framework.

Build Smarter Bots

Get suggestions on which topics to build, create rich, personalised conversations using natural language understanding and entity extraction, and monitor and improve your chatbot’s performance using AI and data-driven insights.

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The QGate CRM Roadmap

QGate has many years of experience of helping our customers to digitally transform and automate their businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365. As with any new technology implementation, the risks can be high, but the rewards can be massive. Our experience of working across many industries and organisation types means that we’re here to help you avoid the pitfalls and deliver a CRM that exceeds expectations, enabling you to transform your business and create happier teams and clients.


The QGate CRM Success Program is our roadmap to guide you and your business through your CRM project. Our roadmap has proven success in delivering better results faster and with less effort.

Explore the QGate CRM Roadmap:

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