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Train and provide 24/7 support to your users with ClickLearn

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We believe that well trained and supported employees deliver expected ROI on new systems faster. ClickLearn is the simplest and easiest way to educate and assist users.

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Enabling Staff with Training and Support

Training users is key to the “success” of any software application. Providing users with ongoing, up to date assistance instantly means they are more effective and less frustrated.

But in a 24/7 world, with the challenges of dispersed users, either working from home or across wide geographies, face to face training is impractical, as running a 24-hour helpdesk might be.

System changes and enhancements rarely get fully communicated to users. Even if you did carry out training when the system was launched, how do you properly train and onboard new staff? You know that creating Word, PowerPoint, PDF materials is tedious and time consuming. Over time, training becomes second hand, hand me down, or worse, users just do it “their way”...

QGate's e-learning and assistance, powered by ClickLearn, is the answer to ensuring user understanding and adoption. Users can take advantage of clear, accurate, and consistent content in several formats including Word, PowerPoint and videos, 24/7.

High-quality material, which is specific to the individual system, not just generic help, is key in enabling all users, no matter their location, to enjoy the same experience. This allows them to do their job to the highest possible consistent standard.

If materials need updating, you can do so quicker, simpler, and more uniformly than ever before. Users will always have the most recent documentation to hand, with nobody left out of the loop.

Gone are the days of laborious documentation, taking and annotating an endless number of screenshots. Gone also are the expenses of travelling to face-to-face training and outdated material hanging around past their usefulness. A warm welcome to e-learning and the Digital Assistant.

Empower users with training and support that is simple to create and clear to follow


An interactive, software-based training system that can be modified down to the level of customisations and add-ons overcomes other concerns about impersonal content.


To ensure that all users complete training, a centralised e-learning control centre can spot areas where end users may be getting bogged down or identify individuals who haven't completed training modules.


Digital training offers the flexibility needed to reach teams across multiple locations, thereby saving customers on the cost of sending trainers onsite.

Digital Model

A multimedia model, using video and other interactive digital content, is more engaging than many classroom-style training approaches

With ClickLearn, user engagement is assured


ClickLearn caters to the learning styles of all, with 7 ways to learn, all produced from one recording.

High Quality

Resources are of the highest quality with the added ability to add corporate branding and identity.

Attention to Detail

Content development is controlled by a dedicated e-learning Consultant to ensure that recordings reflect the detail of each unique business process.


Quick and simple to update a process which can then be made available to all users simultaneously once published.


Produce content for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Office Applications, Google Chrome, QuickBooks, PowerApps, Power BI, if fact pretty much any Windows/web application.


Separate platforms can be created for training, help, advanced system users and more. This ensures the needs of current users and new users are all met.


ClickLearn includes a translate capability making the provision of the content in one of around 45 languages, with natural language narration on videos and translated text in the Word/PowerPoint formats.

Next-Generation On-boarding

ClickLearn on boarding training

Conventional on-boarding can be time-consuming, inconsistent, and varied in effectiveness. New users of your system either have to take time out to travel to an expensive, generic training course or are trained by a current user of your system. Generic training courses don’t reflect your processes and user to user training is often conflicting and lacking in context.

ClickLearn’s resources use the environment your user is working in and accommodate different learning styles. Users are coached with process guidance straight from the top – they will be shown how your business operates, and why the process is there.

Conquering User Acceptance Training

Traditionally, User Acceptance Training (UAT) can push back system rollout. Writing test scripts and documentation, and hiring trainers for your testers takes time. Your testers explain feedback to developers, taking time to replicate context.

With ClickLearn, UAT is faster and more thorough than ever. Testers provide feedback from inside the system, automatically capturing context with no replication required. Your training materials can not only act as UAT scripts but can easily be repurposed as user training post-rollout.

ClickLearn UAT

QGate's ClickLearn Live Examples 

ClickLearn examples

Our dedicated training team have create and made available a set of free and Live ClickLearn Portals, these examples show how you can deliver user assistance, online help and training to your organisation. They cover popular business applications including Microsoft's Dynamics 365, Dynamics Business Central and Office applications, as well as a translated (language) example.

Heal Your Training Pains

ClickLearn helps IT and management to support your system and your users. Manage and update your training materials with a click. Increase your user adoption by making your system easier to understand.

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ClickLearn Connectors

ClickLearn supports most popular business systems, including Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. Create step by step guidance with ClickLearn’s unique recording technology.

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We believe that well trained and supported employees deliver expected ROI on new systems faster. ClickLearn is the simplest and easiest way to educate and assist users. This is the reason why we have created our ClickLearn as a Service offering.

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QGate is ClickLearn's first UK Partner

QGate are ClickLearn first UK authorised Partner

Read our ClickLearn Customer Case Story.

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We believe that well trained and supported employees deliver expected ROI on new systems faster. ClickLearn is the simplest and easiest way to educate and assist users​.

To see first-hand how easy it is to incorporate your tailored e-learning materials into your system.

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