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We believe that well trained and supported employees deliver expected ROI on new systems faster. ClickLearn is the simplest and easiest way to educate and assist users.

Enabling Staff with Training and Support

Self-service training and support can often consist of pages of technical jargon. Materials can be generic, and comprehension and retention of the ‘training’ are low. In-person training is often preferred. But scheduling convenient training sessions can be expensive and time-consuming. Unsupported users are more likely to make mistakes and be reluctant to adopt the system.

Bespoke ClickLearn training is versatile and accessible onsite or offsite, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Users can utilise their preferred media formats for training, increasing retention of information. 45 languages and dialects are also supported for training materials, supporting international training.

Optimising Systems and Empowering Users

Empower users to suggest process improvements as they are training. ClickLearn’s unique feedback option allows users to propose enhancements to processes that they work with. At the same time as your user is learning the system, you are receiving crucial feedback on the effectiveness of everyday processes. Employees are happy to adopt a system that works with them rather than against them.

Next-Generation Onboarding

Conventional onboarding can be time-consuming, inconsistent, and varied in effectiveness. New users of your system either have to take time out to travel to an expensive, generic training course or are trained by a current user of your system. Generic training courses don’t reflect your processes and user to user training is often conflicting and lacking in context.

ClickLearn’s resources use the environment your user is working in and accommodate different learning styles. Users are coached with process guidance straight from the top – they will be shown how your business operates, and why the process is there.

Conquering User Acceptance Training

Traditionally, User Acceptance Training (UAT) can push back system rollout. Writing test scripts and documentation, and hiring trainers for your testers takes time. Your testers explain feedback to developers, taking time to replicate context.

With ClickLearn, UAT is faster and more thorough than ever. Testers provide feedback from inside the system, automatically capturing context with no replication required. Your training materials can not only act as UAT scripts but can easily be repurposed as user training post-rollout.

Why ClickLearn?

Empower users with training and support that is simple to create and clear to follow.

An interactive, software-based training system that can be modified down to the level of customisations and add-ons overcomes other concerns about impersonal content.

Digital training offers the flexibility needed to reach teams across multiple locations, thereby saving customers on the cost of sending trainers onsite.

To ensure that all users complete training, a centralised e-learning control centre can spot areas where end users may be getting bogged down or identify individuals who haven't completed training modules.

A multimedia model, using video and other interactive digital content, is more engaging than many classroom-style training approaches.

Heal Your Training Pains

ClickLearn helps IT and management to support your system and your users. Manage and update your training materials with a click. Increase your user adoption by making your system easier to understand.

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ClickLearn Connectors

ClickLearn supports most popular business systems, including Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. Create step by step guidance with ClickLearn’s unique recording technology.

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QGate is ClickLearn's first UK Partner 

ClickLearn UK Partner - QGate

Contact us to discuss your requirements or for further information on system training and support via ClickLearn.

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QGate is an Authorised ClickLearn Partner

QGate are bringing the ClickLearn revolution in eLearning to the UK, as the first Authorised Service Provider and Partner in the UK territory.

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The new release of CRM search add-on, Paribus Interactive, improves searching of Dynamics 365 Unified Interface and empowers users to find and engage data.

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Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Release Plan

Following the biannual continuous release program for Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates, the ‘October 2019 release notes’ have had their terminology changed to ‘Dynamics 365 wave 2 release plan’ to better describe the deployment.

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