10 Reasons to Choose QGate for Your Business Intelligence Project

If you’re starting on a Business Intelligence project, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Having a qualified partner to help you through the implementation can make all the difference between a successful Business Intelligence project and a failing one.
Business Intelligence Project

There are 10 reasons why our customers choose us to help get their Business Intelligence (BI) projects finished on time and on target.

  1. We understand data – Data quality affects BI performance. QGate has been developing products to eliminate duplicate data issues for 15 years, so you know we have the knowledge and expertise to get your data into fighting shape for the best possible BI implementation
  2. We know how to tell what works – We’ve helped customers in diverse industries tackle their Business Intelligence projects, including successful high street retailers like LUSH Handmade Cosmetics. We can tell you what KPIs successful companies are using and help develop your understanding of what a BI solution can do for your specific business.
  3. We offer separate solutions depending on your needs – With BI solutions falling into two main camps (data discovery tools and self-service BI), our partnership and work with industry leader Qlik makes us qualified to help you choose the type of system that is best for your business. We’ll run through the features and benefits of both options in the context of your business to help determine which system is right for you.
  4. We offer quick implementation options – BI system implementations can be a lengthy process, and this sometimes results in projects running behind schedule and off course. If the implementation is a pressing issue for you, we can offer a Fast Path Workshop to help get you up and running with BI in 5 days.  Contact us for more information.
  5. We know what the roadblocks are and how to avoid them – After your Business Intelligence project is in place, some companies have trouble with user adoption and adjusting their company culture. We’ve lived through implementations and we’ve written about the pitfalls of user adoption, making us best suited to advise you on how to avoid a similar fate.
  6. We have tools to make integrations easier – With our vast knowledge and experience in data, CRM and BI, we’ve created a custom connector to pull data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and an application that uses this connector to analyse your business using your CRM data. This tool decreases the time you need to implement BI and get your project off the ground and providing value to your business even faster.
  7. We deliver training tailored to your business – Contextual training, learning not only how to use the features and functions of your chosen BI solution, but learning how to use it in your organisation, increases user adoption of BI tools. We help teach your users how to experiment and frame questions using your data for the best possible data-driven insights and decisions.
  8. We can help you evolve the system over time – The word “scalable” has become a bit of a software buzzword, but ultimately that’s what we are here to help with: making sure your solution can grow with you over time. This means starting small, prioritising your requirements and simplifying your initial implementation to make sure that at the end of the day you are happy and finding value with your new BI solution.
  9. We offer great products – QlikView and Qlik Sense, our BI platforms, encompass data, mobile and social capabilities. With these far-reaching features and our years of expertise, we can make sure that your BI platform is delivering insights across all aspects of your organisation.
  10. We have a great team here to help – QGate’s Team of Experts is on your side every step of the way through your Business Intelligence project. Our Professional Services team provides the knowledge and expertise to deliver a BI solution that meets your needs with experience in Design, Project Management, Analysis and Solution Development.  Our Data Services team ensures your data is managed properly and our technical solution is well rated for technical and after-sales service.

We’d love to see how we can help make your Business Intelligence project a success, just like we did with companies like LUSH and Norad Travel Group.  Unleash your intuition and take a free trial.

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