3 Reasons Why CRM Will Work For You

After researching and discussing all the benefits we get out of CRM, QGate came to a conclusion. All the benefits can be brought together under three key areas.

Why CRM?

  1. To improve the insight you have of your customers
  2. To improve the insight you have of yoaur internal business structure
  3. To improve your external market and industry insight

Each area works hand in hand with each other to help your business develop and grow. Read on for more details.


1. Customer Insight: Gain A Deeper Insight of Your Customer Using Your CRM System

Centralised Data for Your Company

With a CRM system in place, everyone in the organisation has access to the same customer details and communications history.

Improved marketing, reporting, customer service and more, all come as a result of this.

The consolidation and centralisation of information and data within an organisation is very often the driving force for implementing a CRM system.

Instantly Access Information & Insert New Leads

With readily available mobile access of your CRM system on your mobile or tablet devices, you are able to access your information whenever and wherever you need to.

In the office, at a meeting, attending a social networking event, on an international business trip, on a train – wherever you maybe you can log your new contacts, notes and reminders straight into the contact and account area of your CRM.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A CRM system enables teams to respond to customer needs in a timely, professional and organised manner.

Each employee can see all of the customers’ previous interactions within your organisation, allowing for more efficient communications.

Rapid access to the right information can turn customer frustration into customer satisfaction.

Strengthen Existing Customer Relations

Your marketing, sales and customer functions are brought into one integrated business system, providing everyone in your organisation with a full 360-degree view of your customer.

Increase familiarity with your customers and keep your communications strong, by using their history to aid with future interactions.

Social Media Integration

Social networking has not only transformed consumer purchasing patterns, but is now a very important vehicle in looking after an organisation’s customer relationships.

Track your contacts online conversations, respond to online comments and queries in real-time through your organisation’s Social account.

Then track and record these connections straight back into the contact and account details of your CRM system – keeping you at the top for customer satisfaction.

2. Business Insight: Gain A Deeper Insight of Your Organisation Using Your CRM System

Analyse Business Success

Metrics are critical to business growth and success. Understanding the data you have in your CRM can provide fundamental detail about your organisation.

You can create graphs, tables and reports from the data in your CRM and check and report your current progress and opportunities. Using these Business Intelligent reporting tools can give you an immediate snapshot of your business.

For more about understanding how the data in your system can speak to you, read our blog: Data Speaks, But Do We Understand?

Keep Track, Close Deals and Qualify Prospects Faster

Manage and drive your sales team by tracking the leads, opportunities and processes, using your CRM system.

See who the highest performers are and create and track incentives to motivate high achievement and ensure your sales team meet and exceed their targets.

Reduce Cost and Errors

With all of your organisation’s information unified into a central system, duplicate orders, missed records and payments, wasted time and human error are less likely to occur.

Having a CRM as the single place to hold all internal information can help bring your staff closer together as a team and to work more efficiently.

Integrate Your Business

Many organisations are still sharing information internally via spreadsheets and shared drives, which can be limiting as your company grows and develops.

As your business grows and your customers increase, so will the number of records and the historical interactions that you have.

These will soon become unmanageable in spreadsheets and potentially get lost.

You can integrate your CRM with your:

  • ERP Accounting System
  • Phone System
  • Website
  • Social Media Channels
  • Email Marketing System

…and much more, aiding efficient management and leveraging your existing investments.

Find out more information about the business solutions developed and available from QGate.

Make it Your Own and Be Prepared

You can do all this and more with one centralised system:

  • Configure a defined sales process.
  • Create custom reports and dashboards.
  • Book meeting rooms with your staff in your CRM calendar.
  • Integrate with an email marketing solution.
  • Create and track the ROI of your marketing campaigns.
  • Organise support tickets and the customer service team.
  • Set targets and reminders.

Make it your CRM system.

Heighten Your Company Security and Privacy

Keep your internal information in a central secure system.

Granular user permissions can be configured to ensure the integrity of your company information.

Ensure the right people, access the right information.

3. Market Insight: Gain A Deeper Insight of Your Industry and Competitors Using Your CRM System

Track Competition

You can add your competitors and configure your CRM to seperate them into groups, helping you to keep an eye on their size and activities.

You can also associate and log details of your competitors, including their weaknesses, customers and campaigns in their account details.

Some CRM Systems allow you to track many competitors to any one opportunity. Having accurate competitor information within your CRM puts your sales team one step ahead of your competitors.

A better understanding of your competition allows you to focus on utilising what you know your organisation is good at.

Gain a Competitive Edge

The CRM market is growing fast. Gartner figures for 2017 indicated that the CRM industry is leading above all other software categories.

This rapid adoption of CRM systems is what gives you that competitive edge. Don’t let this be your competition.

Research and choose which system suits your organisation best and truly maximise the value of your customer data.

Feel Part of the Community

Be confident that you are part of a strong and supported network[/caption]

Leading CRM vendors, such as Microsoft have strong, thriving partner and user networks.

These create a larger support network for you and open up new business relations, solutions and integration opportunities for your systems.

Want to know more about CRM and how it can work for your organisation?

Contact QGate to experience this yourself for free.

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