CRM Quick Start Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Announcement: We’re pleased to announce the launch of QGate’s CRM Quick Start Solutions – Quick Start and Quick Start Plus –  based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Empower your Sales Team with a CRM Quick Start Solution

Whether you are a small sales team looking for affordable CRM, or a larger one in need of a proof of concept, this could be the ideal solution for you.

Minimise risk, start small, and scale as you need

Unlike other 365 solutions, this provides the flexibility to start with what you need to today and adapt to support your growth ambitions. For a fixed price, you can begin with a small investment and get a return from that, before extending it further as your business evolves.

Dynamics 365 Quick Start – explore the benefits for yourself

At QGate, we know what it takes to make a CRM project a success and how to avoid the common pitfalls that affect implementation and user adoption. The QGate team pride themselves in the collaborative approach that enables them to work with customers towards achieving agreed objectives; delivering what matters most too each and every sales team.

On top of this, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Quick Installation and Rapid Delivery – Minimising the disruption IT projects often create.
  • Fast User Adoption – Starting with a small group of end users helps them to quickly become used to the new system.
  • Proven solution – Benefit from QGate’s experience in implementing and tailoring these solutions.
  • Faster ROI – The solution takes days rather than months to implement, enabling users to increase sales sooner.
  • Results from day one – You and your team will see results, making use and taking advantage of the features of your new system, from day one.

Is this the best solution for you?

When it comes to deciding if you need a CRM Quick Start Solution or a standard CRM project, there are several factors to consider. Here is a simple check-list to help you decide.

  • I have up to 30 users (or I’ll use this as proof of concept only)
  • I’m looking for a sales or sales and marketing oriented solution
  • I only need to integrate with Outlook and Sharepoint
  • I don’t need additional customisation

The level of customisation you require is perhaps the most important factor to assess before deciding to go with the out of the box solution, or traditional project delivery. The “scale-as-you-go” option is perfect for most small and medium businesses.  In specific circumstances, your organisation may get even more value from a traditional CRM project approach.

To find out whether a CRM Quick Start Solutions is the best option for you, visit our website, for more details.

All our other standard Consultancy and Support  Services are available to be added to this initial Quick Start package as required.

* Plus VAT. Subject to change. Conditions apply

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