Expand your business with Dynamics 365 and Office 365

Expand your Business by providing your employees with a modern business environment, enabling them to work at any time, from anywhere.

Published: October, 2015
Updated: January, 2019

Expand your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365

Business today happens on the go. Gone are the days where working 9-5 the from the office is commonplace, especially if you are in Sales. In 2018, 43% of the US workforce were remote workers¹. With intuitive technology now readily available, we expect to be able to access our work, colleagues and customers at any time, from anywhere. Technology evolves at such a rate, that it can be difficult to keep up with the needs and expectations of employees and customers. But keeping up makes the difference in setting you apart from your competitors.

With colleagues, customers and partners on a global scale come the necessity to work on the go and from different devices. This means being able to access your up to date files and apps and collaborate with remote workers. To satisfy your customers and grow your business, it is essential for Sales and Services teams to cooperate and access the right information.

Dynamics 365 and Office 365

Those who relevantly connect with their customers win faster and respond to enquiries and issues quicker. Dynamics 365 is your secret weapon to achieve this. Global colleagues can provide customers with a consistent experience by accessing a consolidated database. Ready access to current and historical account information helps you rapidly capture and resolve issues.

Working remotely can increase productivity and efficiency, but that also has its drawbacks. With the greater physical distance between colleagues, it can be difficult to encourage teamwork and collaborative working. Office 365 can solve this by making it easy to share and co-author documents. Organise your files, collaborate on documents, and share them with the right people using SharePoint and OneDrive. Chat and meet with your project team and get work done inside of Teams.

Business Anywhere

Meetings no longer require people to gather together in person – but you can emulate this well using technology. The natural chat and video conferencing capabilities of software like Teams allows you to save on travel time and expenses. Save time rewriting and emailing minutes with OneNote and record and share your meetings with Streams.

Sharing and Collaborating

Another challenge that businesses face is ensuring that all workers have easy access to the latest files, whilst maintaining the security of sensitive information. With Cloud technologies, such as Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, businesses can trust that their critical business data is backed up and protected.

Online Conferencing

If you’re thinking of expanding your business this year, think cloud-wards! Have a chat with one of our consultants today about how Dynamics and Office 365 can help your business expansion take off – wherever you are starting from.

¹ Source:  Remote Work 2018 Report

Katrina Caswell, Marketing Assistant

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