CRM Solutions for Financial Advisors

Organise your clients’ data more effectively. 

With Dynamics 365, financial advisors can track client interactions, monitor financial trends, and identify new investment opportunities. They can also use the platform to manage client accounts, automate routine tasks, and generate detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view of their business performance. Dynamics 365’s flexibility and scalability mean that it can be customised to meet the unique needs of each financial advisor, providing a tailored solution.

Manage complex financial products, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and use the tools that you need to make informed investment decisions. Dynamics 365’s seamless integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Outlook, Excel, and Power BI, means that advisors can easily access and share important information across their organisation, improving collaboration and communication. 

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Benefits of CRM for Financial Advisors

CRM for financial advisors can help improve client management, streamline operations, enhance collaboration, provide comprehensive analytics, and offer a highly customisable platform, ultimately leading to greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability in their practice.

Why QGate for your CRM Partner?

QGate has a deep understanding of the financial services industry and the unique challenges that financial advisors face. 

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions that meet the specific needs of financial advisory firms, including client management, compliance tracking, and reporting.

We will help you implement the right solution to fit your unique business processes and workflows.

Sounds great, but worried about how long it’s going to take to set up Dynamics 365 CRM? We understand, time is always of the essence. 

After the build is complete, we can provide comprehensive CRM training and onboarding for your whole team. Our experts work to make a smooth translation and to ensure you get everything you need from your new CRM solution. 

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