CRM Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Make your data work for you. 

A CRM for manufacturing companies provides flexibility and the opportunity to grow. Capture new opportunities, improve your marketing and overall business agility by introducing a CRM. 


The best CRMs for manufacturing businesses will be tailored specifically to you. This will allow your company to maximise results and capitalise on the software. You will see widespread impact; from driving efficiency, to improving job satisfaction, providing more value, increasing sales and becoming a stronger, more strategic business. 


Create the Best CRM for Manufacturing Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Manufacturing Industry

To thrive in today’s competitive landscape, manufacturing organisations must be efficient and able to adapt to change swiftly. Achieving greater flexibility and adaptability allows manufacturers to cope with changing customer demands and market fluctuations.

Manufacturing has so many moving parts – literally. There are so many aspects to your business that are critical for success, but all operate in entirely different realms, from sales to marketing to finance and operations. At QGate, our experts recognise the importance of ensuring you all work cohesively to maximise efficiency. A bespoke CRM for the manufacturing industry organises and standardises work, communication and so much more. Streamline workflows and optimise workload with automation, which can be built into the best CRMs for the manufacturing industry. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly customisable system that is ideal for meeting the day to day and strategic needs of manufacturers. QGate’s years of experience in delivering bespoke CRM solutions enables us to quickly deliver a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that can:

  • Improve engagement with your existing clients – to convert opportunities, identify repeat sales, deliver great customer service and capture customer feedback.
  • Provide the ability to forecast accurately and enable data-led decision making and planning to help grow your business.
  • Allow data-driven decision making throughout the supply chain to increase efficiency across your operation. 
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The QGate CRM Roadmap

QGate has many years of experience of helping our customers to digitally transform and automate their organisation using Microsoft Dynamics 365.


This experience led us to develop the QGate CRM Roadmap  – our project roadmap to guide you and your business through your CRM project. A roadmap that has proven success in delivering better results, faster, and with less effort.

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