CRM Software for Professional Services

Manage your client relationships faultlessly.

Whether you are an accountant, professional agent, legal firm, architect or consultancy, you will be investing a lot of resource to deliver quality communications and making sure your clients are satisfied. The success of your business is dependent on the strength of the delivery of your professional services. 

Often communications and administration are high cost centres of a professional business, without being billable as a service themselves. CRM software for professional services will accelerate efficiency and help you earn some of that money back. 

Customised CRM software can allow professional services to strengthen and standardise their offering. Ensure every client is serviced and satisfied using one, simple and streamlined tool.


Optimise efficiency, achieve consistency with CRM software for Professional Services

Leverage client relationships effectively to maximise lifetime value, client satisfaction and resource. A well implemented CRM solution for professional services enables you to make insight-based decisions, retain client knowledge within the business, manage regulatory compliance, identify opportunities for growth and automate administration. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Professional Services Organisations (PSOs)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly customisable solution, ideal for professional services. The software allows you to establish consistency and benchmark how work should be done. You can deliver quicker communication, strengthen relationships and identify potential threats or risks before they have even occurred. 

QGate build and deliver bespoke Dynamics 365 CRMs for professional services and have been working with similar clients for years. We are the experts that can help your business organise and thrive. 

The CRM systems we build improve engagement with existing clients, allowing you to convert and capitalise on opportunities. We improve your ability to forecast, predict behaviour and increase reporting accuracy and efficiency. Your business can unlock untapped business data. 

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Why QGate for your CRM Partner?

With plenty of experience partnering with professional services, QGate recognise that you have specific requirements, particularly when it comes to legal and compliance regulations. Adhere to compliance rules as they evolve and store your data in one, simple, secure space. Trusting your CRM to manage this burden frees up resource to reinvest in billable work.

Can’t risk inconsistency during a transition? No worries. QGate offer robust CRM training to ensure everyone in your business is comfortable using a new, improved system. Our expert team work closely with you to make a smooth transition and ensure you get everything you need out of CRM software for professional service organisations. 

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