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    Summary:This article provides a matrix which compares the aBILLity Standard Solution with the aBILLity Standard Sales Order Processing Solution
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    The table below shows which record types in Dynamics 365 can be accessed and are synchronised with the aBILLity system depending on the aBILLity solution in use:

    Record Type (CRM)aBILLity Standard SolutionaBILLity Sales Order Processing Solution
    aBILLity Invoicesok_16pxok_16px
    Customer CLIsok_16pxok_16px
    Sage Activitiesok_16pxok_16px
    Account Revenue Analysisok_16pxok_16px
    Sales Margin Analysisok_16pxok_16px
    Service Chargesok_16pxok_16px
    Opportunities N/Aok_16px
    Quotes N/Aok_16px
    Sales ContractsN/Aok_16px
    Kit Inventory ItemsN/Aok_16px
    Purchase OrdersN/Aok_16px
    Sales Stock SummaryN/Aok_16px
    Maintenance Stock SummaryN/Aok_16px

    These Dynamics 365 system entities are accessible and customisable but are not integrated with aBILLity unless the Sales Order Processing Solution is installed.

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