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Published on: January, 2019

Power BI URL Filtering Requirement

Include a link to a filtered Power BI report in an automated email from Flow. Pass a Dynamics 365 record id so that the link shows a report in Power BI for a single record without the user needing to manually filter to find it.

Power BI URL Filtering Solution

In order to filter a Power BI report programmatically the following conditions must be met:

  • The names of any tables or parameters cannot contain spaces. The URL filtering currently doesn’t appear to handle these.
  • The parameter that you want to filter doesn’t need to exist on the report. It will be added temporarily when the report is shown via the link.
  • You cannot have any default filter values set on the report.

You can then simply construct a URL as shown below, passing your filter value.

Replace any part of the URL shown in {} with the appropriate Id or Value{groupid}/reports/{reportid}/ReportSection{reportsectionid}?filter={datasetTableName}/{parameterName} eq ‘{filterValue}

The filtered report would look like the below. In our example we have filtered on qg_timebankid using the following:

?filter=Timebank/qg_timebankid eq ‘8907b179-f409-e911-a964-000d3aba0f22’

The added filter can be seen in the red box.