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    Infor Enhancement Request System

    Thanks to the efforts of the Customer Experience Board, a group of customers representing many User Groups worldwide, and Infor’s Information Systems, Infor has a new Enhancement Request System (ERS). ERS will be a great tool to capture your ideas and suggestions for product enhancements that are important for your business needs and potentially other customers using the same solution or in the same industry.

    The system allows both customers and product management to see all enhancement requests submitted in a given product line; collaborate on the suitability, and prioritize and track their status. This will reduce and simplify the multiple individual product enhancement processes that exist today and ensure that greater focus is given to the ideas that will best improve Infor products.

    Training materials are available within the ERS tool via the “About” Menu

    • User guide
    • Instructional video

    To get started

    1.  Log in to Infor Xtreme.
    2.  Select the “Enhancement Request System” option under the Resources menu.
    3.  Enter your enhancement requests.
    4.  Product Management will review and disposition Enhancement requests periodically, and you will receive emails on any status change to Enhancements you enter or subscribe to.
    5.  Feedback will also be gathered at local user group meetings throughout the year.

    As a result of this new development, the Sev5 incident option for enhancement requests will no longer be available for the Mongoose, Infor Ming.le, Infor ION, ION Business Vault, BPCS/ERP LX, XA, System 21 and Product Configuration Management (CPQ) products beginning February 18, 2016. A link is available within Infor Xtreme to navigate to the Infor ERS system via the “Resources” menu.

    *Please note: You must be an Infor Xtreme Support user to access the new Infor ERS.

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