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    Summary: Information on Infor CRM compatibility with Windows 10.
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    As you are aware, Microsoft is officially launching Windows 10 on the 29th of July. Windows 10 also delivers a new browser from Microsoft called Microsoft Edge.

    When considering accepting the upgrade it is important to consider not just the operating system update, but also the new browser. IE 11 will still be available and therefore will provide compatibility for your browser-based applications.

    With regard to Infor CRM, the current information we have had from Infor is that Windows 10 is NOT a supported platform. Infor will be addressing compatibility, but this is not likely to be available until towards the end of 2015.

    This is not to say it will not work however, should you experience problems Infor support will not accept any issues raised if operating on the Windows 10 platform.

    QGate is carrying out testing with Windows 10 and the new browser and will be updating this and related articles as we have further, more up to date, information.

    As with any new operating system, there may be issues, particularly with 3rd party software. It would be prudent to test all of your 3rd party software on a test machine before jumping for the upgrade.

    According to the information Microsoft has supplied to the media, all users using Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will be eligible for this ‘free’ upgrade.

    Reports suggest there will be prompts in the taskbar to upgrade as part of the Windows Updates, so you will need to advise your users when to accept the upgrade.

    Find out more information from Microsoft on Windows 10.

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