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    Summary: This article takes you through the steps required for creating a non-interactive user account in Microsoft Dynamics 365
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    What is a non-interactive user?

    The non-interactive user is not a ‘user’ in the typical sense – it is not a person but an access mode that is created with a user account. It is used for programmatic access to and from Microsoft Dynamics 365 between applications. Creating a non-interactive user account lets these applications or tools, such as a Dynamics 365 to ERP connector, authenticate and access Dynamics 365 (online), without requiring a Dynamics 365 (online) license.


    Who can create non-interactive users?

    You need to have the System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions in Dynamics 365 to create a non-interactive user. First, you’ll create a user account in Office 365 and then in Dynamics 365 (online), select the non-interactive access mode for the account.


    For each instance of Dynamics 365 (online), you can create up to five non-interactive user accounts. 


    Creating a non-interactive user? Follow these steps:

    1. Create a user account in the Office 365 Admin Center.
      Be sure to assign a Dynamics 365 (online) license to the account.
    2. Go to Dynamics 365 (online).
    3. Go to Settings > Security.
    4. Choose Users > Enabled Users, and then click a user’s full name.
    5. In the user form, scroll down under Administration to the Client Access License (CAL) Information section and select Non-interactive for Access Mode.
      You then need to remove the Dynamics 365 (online) license from the account.
    6. Go to the Office 365 Admin Center.
    7. Click Users > Active Users.
    8. Choose the non-interactive user account and under Product licenses, click Edit.
    9. Turn off the Dynamics 365 (online) license, and then click Save > Close multiple times.
    10. Go back to Dynamics 365 (online) and confirm that the non-interactive user account Access Mode is still set for Non-interactive.

    Additional information can be found here.

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